Gears of War: Ultimate Laggy Edition

I believe the title really says it all on this case. I am sure some will argue this as always some must, but that does not make it true. It just means it does not happen to everyone.

I tried 3 different internet connections, and on each one, I got lag. That proves there is a lag issue. There are plenty of complaints about it on the Gears of War forums. I just find it so amazing that now I have Internet connections that, at minimum, are 5 times faster than what I used to play, all 3 of the previous editions, without lag. I must conclude that there are no dedicated servers for this game.

The only thing Ultimate about this edition, is that they managed to find everything bad about every previous game, and stick it into the game. The shot gun is horrendous just like it was in Gears of War 3. The sticky walls are back from Gears of War 1. The match making from Gear of War 2 has been changed but not really improved.

Now you not only have the disconnects from Gears Of War 1 that was not hosted on servers, but you get penalized 2000 points for getting disconnected. Early on, this can cause you to go back an entire level, early in the online play. It is supposed to be a quit penalty, but if you are going to implement that, you should have the console tell it whether you backed out, instead of penalizing people for getting disconnected from the BS game.

You rank does not matter either. I cannot say how many games where I saw completely lopsided teams of players level 20+ playing a team of players below level 10.

The shot guns are incredibly sad. In the original they were not perfect but now you can pop off someone’s head from 20 ft. away and miss them from 1 ft. away. It is horrible and the lancers seem to have been weakened to the point of uselessness. I know these weapons were rebalanced to offset the retro and the sawed off shotguns of Gears Of War 3, but neither of these weapons is in this game. So why use the code from that version for them? Just plain stupidity and laziness.

To top off all these issues, they have the locusts running around in orange colored helmets. From a distance they look human because the Orange is so faded it looks flesh color. In some of the maps it makes it very hard to tell friend from foe and I sit less than 5 ft. From a 32″ TV.

Speaking of maps you can’t play them all. Every game mode has different maps, so while playing competitive Team deathmatch all day, I only got to play on 6 maps. How are nearly 20 maps included, if you can’t play all of them, unless you play a game mode you don’t like?  I am supposed to play the game how I like it, not how you like, developers!

Lastly, for me the biggest issue was the lag. You cannot kill people when you are randomly teleporting at the the worst moments. Trying to run up to a wall, and stick to it, should be easy with the sticky walls. However, when you teleport past that wall, and end up being shot, that is extremely frustrating.

When forced to play like this you end up getting messages from dumbass players telling how you suck and should leave. Ummm, can you not see me lagging, duh! I was ranked in the top 2500 out of 2 million players in Gear Of War 1. I don’t suck, the game does. A game that just keeps getting you killed, due to one dumbass error after another, certainly earns the the title of Ultimate sucky edition. I played online until Level 10 yesterday, which took most of the day due to the stupid problems, with this game. That is about as much as anyone can deal with.

This is not the type of game you wanted to put out before Gears Of War 4. This is the type of game, you want to put out, when you want to end a franchise.

Sadly, this is the only reason for keeping Xbox Live, for me. I don’t play online that much, and this is one of the few games that must work for me, to pay for it.

All around Microcrap once more screwed themselves. Enjoy!




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