@GearsofWar -Ultimate Laggy Edition, Part 2

After my last post on this game https://axewielderx.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/gears-of-war-ultimate-laggy-edition/ I decided to play the campaign and forget about online play for awhile. However, I did check for the any official responses when not playing. If the online got fixed, I wanted to know about it. Finally, they posted this article about the game’s issues and I learned exactly what is going on.-


They claim their servers are working fine and there is no lag. I have to wonder just how dumb they are to tell people the problem is not them.  After going into the game and checking my region settings I discovered it was putting me on the Brazilian server. Wtf? Why? My Xbox one knows it is in central standard time, North America.

The funny thing is switching to a server in North America did not solve the issue because that are NO servers in the ENTIRE central USA.  What the hell was The Colition thinking when they decided to leave out the second most populated state in the USA, Texas?

So every single game is twice the ping of anyone on the east coast and west coast. Minimum 80 ms on a 15mb download/5mb upload speed. To top that off they decided to add animated skins to the game. Even Epic, who were not too good at fixing their mistakes, was at least smart enough to avoid doing this, realizing it would just add lag to the game.

What they have done here is show me that Gears of War is not Central USA friendly, and made certain it would be unplayable to anyone living in the middle of this country. They showed me that don’t intend on fixing it by adding a server or removing the skins. In fact, they won’t even take responsibility for what most certainly were decisions they made. The Colition decided not to put servers here and sold animated skins.

The console makers wonder why people are abandoning traditional gaming but it is clear to see why. App makers fix their games or die on the vine. Apps cost less money and take less time to start. People don’t have time or money for companies that just take your money for a broken product and then won’t fix them.

Now that I know how this company works, I won’t be waiting to buy GOW 4. In fact, I am saying goodbye to my favorite shooter of all time. As long as this company is in charge of this game, there is no sense in even bothering.

In fact, even the campaign has bugs in it. I got completely logged out of my console and was unable to play at all because it got stuck while playing campaign. But I bet that is not their fault either.

Oh well, it was fun for time and now that time has passed. On to better days and games. Thanks The Colition for reminding me just how bad console game developers really are.




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