Neverwinter…never again!

Let me start by saying that the game itself is not a bad game. It is fun, a challenge and the graphics are ok. However, every MMORPG has that going for them mostly, so those good things don’t matter when you look at the overall picture.

This game claims to be like D & D, I am here to tell you they lied. Sorry, I played the actual paper D & D game back when I was growing up. This is nothing like that. Granted it does have the actual monsters from the game, but that is where the similarities stop. Wizards do not use a staff or dagger which means you have no immediate weapon damage like every other MMORPG. This is to prevent you wizard from dying so fast, morons. Although, that was not a huge issue, it became one after the release of Elemental Evil. More on that later.

In D & D you could use magic to indentify items but not in Neverwinter. Instead you have to use the Astral Diamonds(AD) to see what an item is. Not only do you end up with crap in your very limited bags, but that also slows down any progress you might make converting those into Zen(the real money currency). This is the only MMORPG I have played that does this. This is just absolute stupidity. A huge loss of time have to go buy the scrolls just to know what you picked up before you can keep or sell. Of course, they did this so people will buy more bags at $10 each.

Then there is the storage bag issue. In D & D you can craft bags with the leather profession and most MMORPG’s, but not in Neverwinter. In fact, every profession is a complete waste of time. You cannot make anything to sell in the auction house, unless you dump a million hours and lots of in-game gold, to get up to a high level and then hope, a random rare item appears in your crafting area so you can craft it. I have seen many crafting systems over the years but NEVER have I seen one so completely useless. Of course, it is like everything in this game. The game may be free but EVERYTHING is geared toward taking your AD or preventing you from making any AD, so you have to spend money or just end up blocked from anything.

I played for little over a week and got one character up to level 60 right after the latest update to my Xbox. Then Elemental Evil came out and I was completely stopped from all advancement. I could not do any Skimishes because there are none at level 60. Well, I could do them but not earn any AD. Kind of pointless. I could not make any progress in the campaigns, because they made all the enemies at that level ridiculously strong and mages get one-hit killed so easy. It was litterly costing me gold to adventure instead of making it. The healing potions did not heal enough and the injury kits get really expensive. I have a healing companion and have been upgrading my con and int since I started. I suppose, if I would have spent real money I could have bought another health stone and maybe made it through. But why would you want to spend money on this game. There are far too many ways they try to steal your money and no one can afford everything.

Then there is the lag and connection issues. I can’t play even an hour without getting disconnected at least once. I am running a 15mb/5mb connection and do not have this issue with most other games. Even crappy Gears of War did not disconnect as much.

It makes me wonder just how dumb these players are. Why would you spend money in a game like this? They just keep looking for more ways to make you pay. It is not that I have a problem paying for something, but it must be something of quality. This game is not…by any means.

In a way, I am glad Elemental Evil came out. It saved me from wasting anymore time in the game and showed me just how incredibly greedy and stupid these devs are. If you make it so that people cannot earn money in a free game, they will leave and they won’t support your work. I will never support a game that creates a new expansion just to rob players and that is exactly what they have done.

They took away more ways for players to earn AD and made it so every high level player has to get new equipment, which of course, costs AD. Another player did the math. It will take players over 2 yrs. just to level up the enchantments on their new gear and for what? So they can do a bunch of repeatable quests that can only be done once a day. Yep, they did not even take the time to add in real quests to the the higher areas. They blatantly did it to drain people’s AD so they would have to spend real money.

How anyone can see this and still play is beyond me? I guess it takes a special kind of stupid to continue playing a game, when it is clear this game is nothing but roadblock after roadblock.

Thx Neverwinter devs for showing me the light and now it is time to move on.



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