@tim_cook Apple Ceo and IOS 9

Just curious, how many idiots you gonna fire? If the answer is none, then you should fire yourself. You cannot tell me anyone checked the IOS 9 update. I am pretty certain, even a moron would not believe that.

I mean, who else besides Microcrap puts out a update that ruins their own software? Well, now Apple does. The worse thing is this will not just cost you money to fix, but it is costing you money every day! What am I speaking about? Let me put it simply so you can understand.

When a person on any iPad goes to the iBook store and sees a blank page, they can’t buy books. When a person opens the NEW News app and it crashes, they won’t be subbing to anything.

Then there are a few things that won’t be costing you money everyday, but still have to be fixed, because they are essential to using their apps. Like not getting notifications from their apps, like Twitter( Yep, even after updating to the latest version, no badges for me to know about activity). Or even knowing when there are updates for apps, because now we have no notifications from the App Store on either the iPhone or IPad. I am sure there are others issues that I have not noticed just yet, but it does not matter how many there are. Your update to notifications is a total failure.

On the positive side, Apple has somehow found a way to tap into another dimension! Yes, this must be true. How else does my wife call herself, from her own phone, while playing a game on it? Obviously it was my wife calling from another dimension, since calling yourself from your own phone, is impossible.

Lets just hope you did not destroy the time/space continuum with this update!



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