Plans for 2016

I know many of the subscribers to this blog may think I have abandoned this site, but I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. This will always be my main blog. It is just that one simple thing came to be realized over the last few years. People tend to sub and visit sites that are specialized, more than a site or blog, that is a catch-all for everything.

Thus, several years ago, I moved all of my writings to my author blog. Last year, I moved all of my nature photos to my photo blog, and now I will be moving all game related stuff to my new blog titled “Life Is Game”.

While this blog was sufficient for general game system and game reviews,  I wanted to do more focused and complete reviews for this type of subject. The hope is that perhaps someone will notice I can write good game reviews and hire me for a position, doing just that. I have been playing video games since they were invented, so it only seems natural to take the next step, and share this vast warehouse of experience with the gaming world.

I will continue to do funny pics and non-video games related reviews here, and I will also continue posting music related posts here too! Perhaps one day, I will actually have a need to create a website for music too. However, with the state of the music industry, I do not see a dire need for such action.

I hope this post has answered any of the subs questions of what may be going on with this blog and what they can expect here in the future. Take care and have an amazing day!


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