GEARS OF WAR 4: WARNING! Do not buy this game if you live in Texas!

Most people in the gaming industry know that currently they are doing the GOW:4 open beta. In fact today is the last day of it. I have been playing off and on the last few days just to see if the game has any merit. I wanted to give an totally unbiased review of the game and now I feel I can do so.

Firstly, let me give the news that applies to Texas players the most. THEY HAVE NO SERVERS IN TEXAS! This means EVERY single game you will be playing half as fast as your opponents. EVERY player on the EAST and WEST coast will be playing as less than half the ping you are. In a game where shotgun battles are the norm, this is so vitally important. No, you cannot just Lancer them down either. The lancer gun seems to have been weakened even more. In a distance battle of 30 ft. A shotgun will win and that is total bull. The shot gun is supposed to be short range. However, the shotgun and lancer balance in the beta is the worst I have ever played with. Add to that the delay from having to use servers on the west or east coast and basically you are screwed. If you think past GOW games were full of BS, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If every player from Texas boycotted this game, it might teach them as lesson in overlooking the 2nd most populace state in the nation. At least your money WILL be spent better elsewhere. This game will just give anyone playing in Texas a headache.

I won’t go into all the other problems with this game. There are already so many reviews on the beta, talking about poor graphics, shotgun inaccuracies, bugs in wall mechanics, etc.etc.etc.

I used to really love this franchise but it just seems to get worse with every new edition and this beta was by far the worst edition I have ever played. Guess the time for playing online shooter games has come to an end. All the old franchises have put out nothing but crap lately and I see no end to it in the future. They seem content to just keep stealing your money and not really improving the games. It is the same as buying a name brand food product. You are paying for a name, not the actual product.

Let’s hope some of the new franchises take this genre seriously and put out quality shooter games. Until then, looks I am stuck with campaign mode.

If you read this and still go and buy GOW 4, don’t come back and tell me later how you should have listened. I have just word for the you if you do so…DUMBASS! You have been warned by an honest player who does not take money from companies for reviews.

Until I type next…


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