I have come to realize…

That everything I do will never matter. Soon I will die and be forgotten in less than a second. I have finally figured out why nobody wants to support me on any website. It is simple. I am the worst person on the planet. I am worse than even Adolf Hitler. I must be. Don’t believe me?

Why then on every single website, do I follow people back only to have them unfollow me? How come on every site I like and share other people’s posts, but they don’t do the same for me? Why do people only like posts of mine when they are looking for a new follower to unfollow? How much does my photos and digital art suck, that after 158 uploads of diverse photography, not a single sale has happened? How come after all this work I am still losing more followers than I gain every single day?

Apparently, my silence most of the time is offensive. I go out of my way to be nice to people and it seems they go out of their way to avoid, ignore, lie, or abuse me. I absolutely must be the worst person to ever exist.

No worries, I won’t be around much longer. I am old and in bad health. Surely, I will pass soon enough. You will have to find someone else to kick around. Don’t be surprised if I stop liking, sharing, posting, or interacting in all ways possible. EVERYONE has a point where they have had enough. I believe I have found mine.

My life will never matter and if I don’t matter with all my talent, then most certainly none of you will either. Truth…

AXE(The worst person to ever live)


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2 responses to “I have come to realize…

  1. Really?!? Dude I love your art and the things you have shared over the years. Not sure where this is coming from, because you’ve got a lot of real talent for art in multiple forms. People come and people go, there is a season for everything. Just always be true to yourself and your passions. That is the key that I’m am positive that you know but may have lost through over time. I am glad I have been able to count you among my friends and you still have a hell of a lot to share, artistically and you do put out some really good thoughts. Quit worrying about what others think and do your thing! Hopefully you do still have my personal e-mail addy if you do decide to go dark publically.



  2. I have not deleted any email or phone numbers. I did go on a unfriending frenzy and tried to delete everyone from FB as it was the only social website to get no reactions to any photos. If I unfriended you there, don’t take it personally. I unfriended people I have known for more than 40 yrs. too! In real life, I get compliments from people I do not know, and don’t ask them for, on my photos. It seems to me it should carry over to the internet, but for some odd reason it does not. I tried posting the photos on many sites in a informal manner, to avoid looking like a salesman, to no avail. I don’t get it and I get frustrated to the point of depression.

    My kids are all grown up and gone. Only one still speaks to me occasionally, so that adds to the frustration and depression, I suppose. I spend most everyday completely alone with only a cat to provide me any companionship. Add in that, my failing health and anyone could easily see why it would be important that I matter before I die.

    Like it or not, I will probably just fade into the night, an unknown who wasted his last years on this earth creating content for no one. It is a very scary and sad thought. I have resigned myself to that likelihood though. What can I say, life sucks and then we die. Thanks for commenting, Phil. Your words mean something to me.


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