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The 2020 Election results…too funny!

By now most of you should know the results of yesterday’s election. But, just in case you were hiding under a rock, I give you a quick rundown…nothing changed! Lmao! Nearly every incumbent kept their job and the presidency still remains undecided.

But you might ask, “ Why is that so funny.” It is really is hard to type and laugh; I keep messing up. Hold on a sec… ok, I am back but I make no guarantees as to how long I can go without breaking into another laughing fit.

For most of last year, and certainly even more so since the pandemic arrived, people have been complaining about how the US government has been handling things. Especially since their failure to pass stimulus recently. Comments such as “ Fire them all!” And “Why can’t they all just agree on something?” have been abundant. Yet, when the chance comes to change things arrives, everyone gets a brain fart.

This was YOUR chance to show the government how to be United and get things done. It was the chance for every American to be part in a positive change. It was THE chance to show the rest of the world how great this country really is.

Instead you all showed the entire world that we are dumb, divided, and fools!!!

The best part though is that for many of you, the decisions you made this year, will have repercussions that will last for years. I can only laugh at the outright stupidity of this nation, for my days are already very numbered. I am old and I have health issues which I cannot get Obamacare for. While I lay dying and many years later, the youth of this country will suffer for the dumbass votes they made. Maybe some of them will finally learn the meaning of consequences.

They walk around calling old people dumb. Sadly there were not nearly as many of old, dumb people to counter balance the stupidity of youth this year. The coronavirus killed off a lot of them.

If there is any stimulus after this election, I will be shocked. Soon we shall have a nation of homeless people. I can already see the stores running out of tents.

This is all just too funny! Gonna take my laughing ass somewhere else now. Have a great day…fools!


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#BB18-Has anyone else noticed?

How incredibly stupid the cast seems to be this year! Now don’t get me wrong; I love this show, but usually every year I find someone smart enough to root for, or at least not too dumb to care about. This year, this reality/drama series has turned into a sit-com. Let me offer a little proof, so that we can share the comedy together.

Let’s begin with Jozea. During the first week, this man runs around telling everyone he is the messiah of the newbies and that he is going after the current head of household. Forget the messiah part, we won’t get into the religious implications of making such a statement. However, there is still the matter of saying you are going after the current head of household, while they are still in power. Not trying to be mean but holy shit, are you really this stupid? I could think of no better way of asking to be evicted than doing this. Apparently, they heard his plea, as he was evicted that week for it.

Let’s get on with the next houseguest, shall we?

Natalie made the statement, that ” She could have any man she wanted, outside of the house.” Let me first start by saying that perhaps her boobs are not the biggest thing on her. Maybe her ego is slightly bigger. At any rate, to group ALL men into the same category is prejudice, and as we all know that is completely ignorant. To speak your prejudice in public, on national TV, is just plain stupid. Sorry, Natlaie, you cannot get any man you want. We are not all the same. Some of us actually like to have, a little intelligence in our choice of ladies to be with. You, quite obviously, would never make the cut!

Next we have Victor. He the proof of all brawn and no brain. Sure, he did win the new Roadkill competition but look who his competitors were. It is what he did, with the power of winning that competition, that was so incredibly stupid. After all the votes were in and Jozea left the game, it should have been clear to anyone, that there was a large alliance controlling the votes, and that keeping his win a secret was in his best interest. Basically, anyone could of seen this, yet the first thing this guy does is go tell people, who are now using this information to back door him out of the game. If he would have just kept his mouth shut, he could have placed a returning vet on the block, and nobody would have suspected that a jock had won the Roadkill math competition. Very bad, and dumb move on his part.

While there have been enough dumb things, said and done this season, as to fill up a magazine from front to back, I shall only add one more for your amusement. This last one actually comes from a returning player and not a newbie. While speaking with Jozea, in the head of household bedroom, Nicole states she is not a “kisserbutter”. I am not certain which is worst. The fact that she says this word and does not realize it is not a real word, or the fact that Jozea hears it and does not seem to realize this either.

I think I have made my point, and while on one hand it is extremely sad that our nation has people this dumb appearing on TV shows, it also is extremely amusing. The fact that Big Brother could find nobody better than this seems astounding, but I truly do have to thank them for the laughs, even if I am sure it was unintended.

Hope you enjoyed this humorous post and have a safe 4th of July!



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Funny #Christmas #Pics 2015

I have been adding funny pictures and such for more than 8 yrs. to this blog. Yet, still the most popular pictures are the Christmas pictures I posted during the first 2 years. In fact, they are my most popular posts of all time. Thus I have finally decided to add some more. Later on I will add links to the previous Christmas posts. In the meantime, if you are curious, just click the “Christmas” tag. Enjoy!


image image image image image image image image image

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Funny Shit Vol. 5

It has been awhile since I have added funny pics here. But like usual if you are patient, your patience is rewarded. Enjoy these funny pic!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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Coyote RV Resort

Just thought I would let all those who follow this blog know that I shall be working on something special over the next month, when I am not working on Shadow Shifters 2. It is a little site I devoted to showing where I last lived and my personal experience there. If nothing else, it should be mildly entertaining.

So go there and do what the small post says!😎😇


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