Music Creation

This page used to be filled with pictures and descriptions of everything I used to create music. But with time and equipment changes, it required constant updating. Thus I decided that the time had come for changes. Namely, how I presented what I was using currently.

I came the conclusion that making a video or two, would make things easier for me, and for the readers. Just change out the videos occasionally, when things have changed a lot. So watch the videos if you want to learn, how I do what I have done, in my music. Some of my music is pretty pioneering. Enjoy!


Update- This year I was unable to get to the video, due to multiple reasons. Thus I have created some pics of my main hardware as of 2/23/16. The previous year’s videos are still down below if you desire to learn more about the software I used to use. That has changed and no video, no explanation. Maybe next year. Hope these pics tide you over until then.


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