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All Hallows Eve: Animals in costumes!

I received these pictures in my email, therefore I claim no ownership. However, I hope you enjoy viewing them.







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All Hallows’ Eve Pics

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I shared these pics with the people at FB, so I figured I might as well, share them here too, since members of WordPress.com love photos so much. 🙂 Since we no longer have kids in the home, I thought we could do something a little different, and makes some All Hallows’ Eve photos. Would of been nice to have the money to go all out to buy or make costumes to go with these but, oh well. You work with what you have. The darker photos were done with only candlelight(One candle) and glow sticks to achieve the very subtle lighting effects. Also no flash was used. It was very hard to get clear pics doing it this was way, but we managed to get few nice ones.

I only managed to get done one of the those taken with the flash and tried several different effects with it. They are a ones of my wife. Never could decide which one I liked the best, so I posted them all. Maybe someday, I will get around to doing one of mine or even adding some finishing touches(borders and such). At any rate, hope you enjoy viewing them and have an awesome Halloween EVERYONE. Tonight, I go in search of a ghost.



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Halloween(Joke #16)

This joke reflects the season… yes, it is about Halloween. Enjoy!

A little boy dresses as a pirate for halloween.
At the first house he goes to, a lady answers the door.
“Trick or treak?” the little boy says..

“Oh, what a cute little pirate”, the lady says “you got the little
the little black eye patch, the pirate hat..oh..how cute..and where are
your buccaneers little pirate?” she asks..

“Under my buckin’ hat, lady.”

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