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The truth about Plasma Tvs(The finale)

If you have read my previous posts on this matter you will know that Samsung, after 2 months, finally replaced my new Tv with a used one. I called them and they claim the TV is new. Yet, when I ask them to verify the serial number,they cannot.

How can they know the plasma tv they sent me was new, when they do not even know its serial number?

The fact is they are lying to me and it would not be the 1st time. Now they want me to send them pictures as proof that the tv is used.

This is apparently just another ploy to stall me. Therefore, I decided to sell the used TV they sent me. I lost $1000.00 in the deal.

I learned my lesson and I hope you have learned something from reading these articles on plasma tv.



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Update on my plasma tv(Part 2)

Before reading this article, I suggest you read all of the previous posts regarding plasma tv to have an idea of what I went through to get to this point.(Hint: click on the plasma tv tag in the tag cloud)I finally recieved my replacement Tv and this is what I found.

After further inspecting my plasma tv when I moved it to its permanent location,I discovered many things that lead me to believe one of two things is true. Either this new tv was crafted under the worst possible standards allowed for this tv or this tv is not NEW as I was promised. I am leaning towards it most likely being the latter rather than the former.

Upon close inspection, a few major flaws have been discovered. There are a few major scratches along the right side of the frame. Considering I only moved the plasma tv 5 ft. and I only touched the bottom and top of the tv, these marks could not have been made by me.

I found these scratches while cleaning it with the cleaning cloth provided. This tv was so dirty I had to clean it twice with the cleaning cloth. This is another reason for me to believe it was used. There is no way they would have shipped this to a retailer this dirty. I also noticed what looks to be yellow glue around the edges of the glass panel.

Lastly, I decided after finding those things that I should inspect the white screen to see if there were any burns, on this obviously used plasma tv. Of course, I found that it did have some plasma burn on the bottom left hand side. When seeing this I had to think as to whether it was possible that I did this. I have not played any video games on this (see my 1st post for my reasons) and I have only watched tv and movies on it.The tv stations have the logos on the right bottom of the screen and and movies have none. This left me with only one conclusion, the tv came with frickin’ burn marks on it!

Now sitting here with my used plasma tv with burn marks and scratches I think whether it would be a waste of time to call Samsung. Chances are they would either deny it being a used tv or would confirm it and say they replaced my tv.

Either way it seems like a waste of my time and therefore, it is only logical to conclude that Samsung does not care about its customers.

This customer will no longer consider Samsung in any future electronics purchases.


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Update on my Plasma TV

Yesterday, I finally received my replacement plasma TV. Nearly 2 and a half months later! When one considers that I am a stay at home dad and therefore was able to keep on the manufacterer of my plasma tv, this is a very long time.Those with jobs can look forward to waiting a much longer time to get their Samsung plasma tv fixed or replaced.

Lets hope that this plasma tv does not have any bad plasma and I have to go through this again…


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The Truth about Plasma Tvs(Part #2)

Well, let me summerize what was in my 1st post.

I had a blue patches appearing on my plasma tv and discoverd burn-in from video games(even though I never played any video game with out changing the screen every 15 mins)

Since it was under warranty(it was less than 2 months old) I called Samsung about the blue patches I was seeing on the left side of the screen. They told me a technician would have to look at it. 2 weeks later someone finally shows up to look at my TV. I tell him what the problem is(blue patches) and he says that the plasma is bad and will have to be replaced. It will take 7 to 10 business days. O.k. No problem I think.

A month later I still have not heard anything about my plasma TV so I call the repair shop and find out they still have not recieved the part! I was told by the service man that ” They will probably never get the part”.

So I call Samsung customer service about this. After alot of holding( I was on the phone with them for over 2 hours), I was told that the part was to be shipped that day and the repair shop should would receive it within 4 days. I was told this on July 9th, 2007. (Keep in mind we are already a month and half after I 1st called them about my plasma TV)

So today, now 2 weeks since I was told the part would be shipped to the repair shop I had not heard anything, so I call the repair shop to ask what was going on with my plasma TV and they tell me they still have not recieved the part! WTF? I was lied to by Samsung Customer support. They never frickin’ sent the part!!!

So now, mad as is humanly possible, I call Samsung Customer service again to find out why they never sent the part. After being put on hold 3 times and waiting for more than an hour I was told” I do not know what happened to the part. It is on back-order now. I am going to put in a request for you to get new replacement TV. Call back tommorrow to find out the status of it”

This now 2 months since I 1st called Samsung and it is still not fixed and there is no indication that it will ever be fixed. AND I still have to call these fuckheads again and wait on hold for them to get their shit together and tell me another lie.

Probably going to end up sueing them before this is over.

Never buy a plasma TV and if you are dumb enough to do that, then at least make sure it is not a Samsung!


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The Truth about Plasma TVs

 If you have read alot of websites, checking into all the new television technologies, I am sure you will have discovered alot of praise for Plasma TVs. Looking a little further you may have discovered alot of these sites are in the business of selling these TVs.

Well, what you will find here is my personal experience with a plasma TV.  No lies to sell it, no bullshit about this or that. Only what I saw happen with my 42″ Samsung Plasma TV.

My plasma Tv has built in pixel shift technology ment to prevent screen burn in. It was turned on and set to the recommended setting via the owner’s manual. I discovered today while trying to figure out how to fix another problem I was having. I went to the all white screen to see if the blue sploches I was seeing(I will talk of that problem more later) were burn in. I discovered the blue sploches were not burn in but that I did have burn in from a video game. I was very surprised to find this had happened. I have had a big screen rear  projection TV for many years previous to this TV. I was always aware of burn in on it and therefore have always been in the habit of being very careful about it.Fact is I never left any image on my new plasma for more than 5 minutes and I got burn in!!!

So after discovering the burn in, it is needless to say but I was extremely unhappy as this  had nothing to do with the other problem.

The other problem is that these bright blue splotches show up on the top left side of my screen for no apparent reason. I have tried changing to every different source(tv,video game,dvd,etc.) and they are still there. I did a search on the internet and could find nothing about this problem.

This fucking TV is less than 2 months old and I paid $1500.00 for it. Even if Samsung actually fixes the blue splotch error, the burn in will always be there. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your money on a plasma TV. You will just be pissed off in the end!


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