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Free Music and Book Sale

Here are the direct links for people who don’t wish to read-

Lucid Chaos Music

Amazon Author Page

From this moment forward, all my music shall be completely free. Of course, if you want to support my music creation efforts, you can always choose to pay whatever you desire. All music files at Bandcamp are lossless files. That means they have not been compressed and lost sound qualities. However, you can choose to download the mp3 version, if you so desire.

There is music from several different genres such as chill, downtempo, Rock, and EDM. There is music with vocals and without. Frankly, there is a little something for everyone there. The music is for personal use only and may not be used in ANY media platform, without a commercial license. I hope some people find enjoyment in discovering some of my work and do decide to support my future efforts, which will be a little more like my roots. Just rock and blues, mostly.

As for my books, Little Moments OF Truth shall be placed into The Kindle Select And Kindle Unlimited programs. Now people can read it for free, if they are Kindle Prime members. Shadow Shifters will be half off until Monday, April 20. This is only for the ebook versions of both. I cannot change the paperback versions as I already barely earn anything on them, due to Amazon’s preponderance for putting them on sale already. I am looking into alternatives for the paper format of my books but it is looking like short of building a website and using paypal checkout, there really is no options out there that offer buyers a chance to rate and comment on the paperback versions. If anyone knows a better alternative to Createspace, please let me know.

Finally, if you wish to learn more about either of my books, there are links on my author blog, up top, in the Novels section that has everything posted about whichever novel you click on, including excerpts and book chapters/openings. Give yourself a chance to grow and find something new and different. You only live once!


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My books at half price

For a very limited time. Here is the link to my author blog post about it, that includes direct links to buy. Enjoy!


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To ALL my fans, followers and subscribers!

To celebrate this holiday season, I will be randomly putting things on sale from today until Christmas. I say randomly because I am also in the process of moving, so can only do things like this as time allows.

Today I will be marking my First 2 digital CDs for free. If you have been on Twitter these last couple of weeks then you have seen me share songs from these CDs. Both CDs shall be completely FREE, (although contributions to my moving and Christmas funds would be greatly appreciated) through out this weekend ONLY.😀

Both of my books will be only $0.99 each for the same time period. I told early adopters of the Shadow Shifters series that I would never mark it down lower than this and I am a man of my word.

There are great opportunities for all us in my lowering the prices. Readers not only get an e-copy of a 5-star rated book for just $.99, but they gain entrance into a new kind of horror that is uniquely different and they also get to show the world that they are what matters the most. Buying a copy not only says you can see a great deal when it is looking at you, but it also says thank you to me for taking the time to communicate on a personal level and for giving you so many smiles(many more yet to come). Lastly, if we all band together to support new, original, and good ideas from authors who care about their readers, I might actually be able to buy my wife a Christmas present.:)

Both of these sales/giveaways ends on Dec. 22nd. Here are the links to get the FREE music and the $.99 books.-







Keep in mind, I will be changing prices today, so there is no telling when they will display the new pricing. I truly wish to thank each and everyone of you for making this an awesome and fulfilling year. I hope next year will be even better!

Happy Holidays EVERYONE!😎


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10k Twitter followers…

It looks like I shall have made it to this point within a day or 2 and it makes me think. Whatever should I do to celebrate this once in a lifetime event? It seems to me I could never have gotten here alone. It was some extremely awesome followers who helped me along the way. Through their open or hidden communications(DM) or with their wallet through purchases or through their time by reading and reviewing…all of these followers have contributed in a way that deserves to be rewarded.

Thus upon reaching 10k followers, I will put all of these very special and active follower’s names into a hat( I’m sure I can find one) and the lucky winner will receive either digital versions of one of my CDs or a digital version of one of my books, including the yet to be released Shadow Shifters 2 (you should have read the first book for this prize to be of use to you).

At any rate, I believe all my followers are important and had a role to play in my getting this far. I believe those that have given more of their time to my efforts should be rewarded and not just with my wonderful company.:)

Thank ALL of you for coming along for the ride and I hope to share many more smiles and laughs with you. Have a frickin’ awesome day EVERYONE! 🙂

Axe aka JB

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Updates and Funny Pics W/ Words

Although this blog, is far and away my most popular blog,(over 660k views) I tend to update it last. Why? Because this blog is mostly a personal blog, therefore it gets updated last because I have no life. LOL! That’s not true. What is true is that I have alot going on, all the time, and there is little time for fun and play these days. That having been said, let’s move on to what has been going on.

My book Shadow Shifters has become a #1 bestseller and I am currently raking in money, hand over fist. Okay,okay, you got me. That’s not true, but what is true, is that it is on sale for over 60% off the normal price. If you want to learn more about the book, just visit my author website here. If you want to go buy it, just click here.

I am currently writing the sequel(Shadow Shifters 2) which I hope to release late 2014/early 2015.

I am not currently working on any music. Technical difficulties(meaning my damn laptop cannot handle the music software I normally use, so I have to wait for a new monitor to switch back to the desktop) have been keeping that realm at bay.

Now that you are up-to-date, I can share some of the pics I have been sharing with my nearly 6700 Twitter followers.(If you would like to become a Twitter follower, here is my Twitter name…@JB_Thomas.) Enjoy the 50 new pics. I’ll add more as time allows.

Have a frickin’ awesome day!


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