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You tell me your story and then maybe I will tell you me mine. Perhaps A small taste will wet your appetite enough for you to explore? Maybe you have already done that exploring and this is where you landed? I guess it does not matter exactly how or why you got here. Maybe the important thing is what now. After all is not the “now” important too? Of course it is. In so many ways and levels, I cannot imagine them all and I have quite the vivid imagination at times.

In a place with lots of farmland I was conceived and raised. I spent some time playing in a city environment before I moved into the life of semi-country living. Along the way, I acquired a female and a couple little things that run around a lot and won’t shut up most of the time. When I am bored I type, twang, or sing my way out of  boredom. Boredom is a land like many others, it has paths in and out.

Perhaps you will visit my domain again the next time you grow bored and find yourself in need of relief. There are plenty of things here to amuse, entertain, and amaze you here. Feel free to drop by anytime, my door is always open.



30 responses to “About Me

  1. egana

    hi there! stay at home dad! awesome!

    my good man makes music and websites, plays the guitar and video games with our 2 boys as well. The oldest girl is not so keen on video games.

    their current favorite is Lego Star Wars (they are 4 and 7 years old).

    Goftchild (my husband) has posted some of his music on his blog at http://www.gorfchild.com/blog/ if you are interested.


  2. I have a strange random question for you. I am new to WordPress and have been able to get ChaoticSoul theme to work but it has said it is widget ready and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get some simple sidebar widgets like calendar or links to work in the ChaoticSoul theme? Any suggestions you could make would be appreciated.



  3. You must be doing a self-hosted wordpress blog( I am assuming this from the link you gave with this comment).

    Since I have done the self-hosted wordpress blog also I can help you. You have to first go to http://automattic.com/code/widgets/ and save the widgets plugin onto your computer.Then install it on your blog server(there are instructions there for doing that).

    It comes with the calender and a couple of other widgets.

    Now if you want more widgets you can go to http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugins/WordPress_Widgets and get more. Each one you will have to save to your computer and install to your blog server.

    Hope that was helpful and thx for visiting!



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  5. Perhaps you just did not see what you googled(there is a search button on the homepage). Glad you find something you liked though.:)


  6. Hello Axe – Not sure how I found your blog/website, but did and have enjoyed it. Sorry to hear of your xBox problems and enjoyed your Christmas jokes from last year (ok, now I remember how I found your page!) In any case, while I’m here just thought I’d invite you to check out utterz – its a way to post to your wordpress blog from your mobile phone – in voice, pics, video and text. Its pretty cool. Anyway, nice job again on your blog. Cheers


  7. justanumber

    hey! great pics on the x-mas scene! <– Stay @ home dad too & it’s harder than most think! (d*rn snowdays) just kidding. Any way take care & Merry Christams! 🙂


  8. nancy76640

    Hi there!! Just wondering what your plans are for your Birthday on
    Saturday. Email me please


  9. Nancy, I have removed your last post as it contained private information. You should check your email.:)


  10. You should try writing a book! You really know how to write!
    It’s refreshing to come across intelligent wtiting on the internet.
    Most of it is garbage.


  11. nancy76640

    Great new web page design….I like the photo presentation.


  12. Well, thx but I really do not deserve alot of credit. The theme is useable by every wordpress.com blogger and the slideshow can be added to any webpage or post by using shortcode.

    Glad ya likes it though!:)



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  14. I like your blog especially too that we’re using the same theme. I am new to wordpress and I am happy to stumble upon a blog that’s humorous and creative. Keep it up!


  15. Not new to WordPress.com. One of the 1st half mil who joined. Tried many themes throughout the years but I think I am going to be sticking with this last one. Good luck here and feel free to contact via my contact page if you have specific questions. 🙂


  16. helo. . . My name yuan, indonesian blogger. . I was journey on ur blog. . .


  17. Pat Graziano

    Howdy Do you realize that your header isn’t displaying when browsing in Firefox, it appears to be good in explorer though.Greetings


  18. You do realize Firefox is the lamest browser there is and bloated too. Thx for visiting!


  19. Projektowanie Stron Gorzow

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


  20. all I can say is bahahahahahahahah *sniff hahahahahahaha *cough bahahahahahah snort…… ah that was great. thanks Axe!!!!


  21. Ummm, I presume you meant this as general comment about some of the things you read while visiting. I assume this since that is the reason most people visit this the blog, all the funny pics and jokes. I definitely know it could not of been my About Me page which lacks humor. Hey, nobody is funny all the time and I try to reflect all sides of life here. The good, the bad, and the funny! Thx for dropping by and commenting!


  22. Victoria

    I explored and then I landed on your blog. Wonderful stuff you have going on here. Thanks so much for the follow. You have a fan in me -:)


  23. It takes awhile to have this much content and visitors. I have spent more than 7 yrs. here. When visitors leave kind replies, it makes me feel as if it was time well spent. Thx for visiting and taking the time to comment.:)


  24. Victoria

    I’m impressed! I’ve only been blogging 4 months. You inspire me to hang in there and enjoy the ride.
    You’re very welcome! -:)


  25. It takes awhile to get really get a foothold in the blogging world, especially now with social media being the big thing. The best advice I can offer you is try to make sure that you do posts that have things people will look for on a regular basis. People like pics and jokes and constantly search for those. Mix them in with your more serious posts and you’ll be off to a good start. Again, thx for visiting and commenting, lol!


  26. Victoria

    Thank you! I’ve been in the social media arena for 18 years. I’ve done it all. Now I blog for the sheer enjoyment of it. As with anything, it does take time. I appreciate your input as you know what you’re doing. You’re awesome! -:)


  27. Dream it Alive

    Thank you for the follow, your novels look very interesting and your writing is wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you do here!


  28. All 4 and 5 star reviews on my books. You should check them out. Thx for doing more than just subbing! Have a great one! 😎


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