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#Overwatch should have been named Underwhelmed!

Now don’t get me wrong when I state that. The game does have some good qualities. However, it completely lacks any kind of depth and after playing for awhile, you will come to the same conclusion. If you are looking for a game to waste a couple of weeks on, then this is the one. But, let’s get into what is wrong and right about this game.

On the bad side of things, this game is not nearly as polished as reviewers have stated. It freezes up in the middle of a match and kicks you out of the match. The estimated cue time is not even close. It was closer when I started playing a couple of weeks ago, but now as I leave this game behind, the cue times are not even remotely close.  It often says 15-30 seconds. What it really means is 2-3 minutes or more. The game will finally put you into a game, only to have the game not fill up, supposedly, and then you will have to go back to cue. If this was a smooth design decision, then obviously previous reviewers have no concept of what smooth, slick, or polished is. Because the cue system alone is fucked up!

The game also likes to keep you limited to a 50% win ratio. That means when ever you get to 50% wins, it will put you in a game with totally sucky players. It even goes to the point of throwing you into a match, and before you can even move your hero out of spawn, the game is over with a defeat for you. How the fuck is that fair? Basically is punishes good players. Thanks Blizzard, that is just what good gamers want. To be screwed over for being good. To further exasperate the situation, as a side consequence, this keeps your k/d (kill/death) ratio down too! It is hard to get a lot of kills when your team members spend most of their time in spawn.  A 6 vs 1 is not a good situation for even a great player. Now don’t think this means I have a sucky k/d. I do not! It is  2/1 but if I played with decent players all the time, it would be at least 4/1. The games where you are stuck with bad players just to keep your win/loss ratio even, really do affect much more than just that. They completely affect your kill/death ratio too!

Another small issue is the lack of variety in the game play. While there are maybe 6 maps (not a lot but certainly more than Battleborn’s 2 maps per mode) there are really only two modes of playing in this game. You either are attacking or defending. Trying to move a payload or to defend a capture point.  That is it!

The worst thing about this was how they designed the game launch for these two modes. The defenders are always able to go anywhere on the map and set up their defenses. This allows them to to spawn camp! Essentially if you are on attack mission, you can expect to die often right outside of spawn. Combine this with the next item I mention (hero stacking) and you have a total stomp of the attacking team. They cannot leave spawn to attack anything with multiple turrets just waiting for them to exit spawn and Repears abundant to make sure nobody can get near a turret to kill it. It is just death after death with no chance for kills. The longer this game has been out, the more I was seeing this in matches. I knew if my mission was attack, that the game was setting me up for a loss.

The last thing this game does, is allow people to pick whatever hero they want. While on the surface this may sound good, but it is so totally not! You have teams made up of the same hero, I.E. 6 Torbjorn. Tell me something, how can this game be balanced if this crap is going on? It cannot possibly be balanced and people who play online shooter games, expect some kind of balance for every player to have a fair chance of winning. Allowing players to do this, is akin to allowing them to freely cheat. I have been in some many COMPLETELY non-fun games because of this one simple design decision. I am guessing every reviewer on the planet forgot to mention this too!

They also included a quitting penalty so if you find yourself stuck in a match where the other team is all the same hero, you get to enjoy that crappy match or suffer a 75% experience loss for 2 hours. Even worse is the fact, if it throws you into one of these games and then you get booted by the system for not making your hero pick fast enough, it boots you from the game and gives you a quitting penalty. I did not quit you stupid fucks! YOUR system booted me and then gave me a penalty. I’ll give you a quitter penalty assholes…it is this review.

Lastly, there is no real hero progression. Your hero has the same abilities and weapons no matter how long you play. Yes, they do eventually get to wear different clothes, but this is entirely based upon luck of the draw, from random loot boxes. How many levels are you willing to grind for a set of clothes you cannot see in game? Of course you do gain overall levels but what does it matter when the game likes to keep you to a 50% win/lose ratio. You are playing with players that are way under your level every time you get over 50% wins. So even that progression is completely useless. It seems this game was nothing more than a quick cash grab, as the only way to feel any accomplishment is to drop more money on loot boxes in the hopes you will finally get that legendary set of clothes for the hero which you like, because you certainly are not going to get it from the level loot boxes.

I played this game to level 58 (could not stand playing crappy matches any longer) and never received a single legendary skin for ANY of my favorite heroes. NOT EVEN ONE! If it even gives you a legendary skin, it will ALWAYS be for a hero you do not play. This is Blizzard’s way of trying to get you to GAMBLE. By forcing you to either wait an amazingly long period of time to spend in-game credits to buy the legendary skin or to spend REAL cash to buy loot boxes which are completely random. This definitely is not incentive to play this game long term. Players expect progression and rewards for effort. This game simply does not have any.

Now onto the good.

It has good graphics and usually plays fairly well. Most of the heroes are fairly unique enough to make playing each one entertaining. some to a lesser degree than others, of course. Not every one of them is going to fit your play style, obviously. The game can be fun when you have two evenly matched teams and no BS going on.

Too bad that is such a rare thing! This is a game that will take some serious work to turn around or there will be a mass exodus in the near future.  The problems with hero stacking, combined with bad decisions in progression and basic attack and defend mechanics, will need to be completely overhauled.

As I played, I found that the good matches became fewer and fewer, and it just grew into a frustrating piece of shit, with no incentive to keep grinding away. I was not going to obtain legendary clothes for my favorite toons and it was not worth going through all the bad matches to even try anymore. I have to wonder if these game designers are brain dead or just don’t check out their games by actually playing them, before they release their crap. They put nothing in this game to make anyone want to play it long term. If you are looking for a game with depth and reason to play, this game is not it. You will be completely underwhelmed inside of a couple of weeks, if you last that long.

Supposedly there is update coming out at the end of June. Hopefully this update will addresses these issues. So many games with great potential fall to the wayside because they simply fail to fix what their customers complain about. I have not been playing as much since my wife deemed worthy of passing on her latest cold to. Not sure, even if I was healthy, how much of this game I would be playing. My recommendation to those who have not played this game yet, wait until July to see if Blizzard corrects the gaping design flaws or not. Until next time I type…take care, thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!


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#Battleborn is dead!

Yep! It seems that after a little less than 3 weeks, they have killed the game. Their lack of action to player complaints about exploits, on the one decent map of the incursion mode(the only mode familiar to most MOBA players) and their announcement of such a high price for a new forth-coming battler seemed to have done the trick.

When you make it so obvious you only care about money, instead of the players, they disappear. I sat for more than an hour trying to find a single game of incursion today, before finally realizing that their newest announcement had pissed off their player base.

Oh well, just glad I was not stupid enough to buy a season pass. I bought the game to play incursion and since that is not going to happen anymore, it will now have to be traded-in.

I had considered doing a small review of this game but now I see no sense in it. I think what has just happened pretty much says it all. The actual gameplay COULD be fun when players were not utilizing an exploit, surrendering early for no reason (Yes, they even surrendered when winning) and the terrible matchmaking actually got it right. The character customizing was not really custom, you just received a battler of a different color and the SAME clothes. It made it really not worth leveling your characters up. The story mode was a disjointed piece of nonsense. The game had much potential, if they would have just listened to the players more, they would still have them.

On to the next game or perhaps some creating…


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Neverwinter…never again!

Let me start by saying that the game itself is not a bad game. It is fun, a challenge and the graphics are ok. However, every MMORPG has that going for them mostly, so those good things don’t matter when you look at the overall picture.

This game claims to be like D & D, I am here to tell you they lied. Sorry, I played the actual paper D & D game back when I was growing up. This is nothing like that. Granted it does have the actual monsters from the game, but that is where the similarities stop. Wizards do not use a staff or dagger which means you have no immediate weapon damage like every other MMORPG. This is to prevent you wizard from dying so fast, morons. Although, that was not a huge issue, it became one after the release of Elemental Evil. More on that later.

In D & D you could use magic to indentify items but not in Neverwinter. Instead you have to use the Astral Diamonds(AD) to see what an item is. Not only do you end up with crap in your very limited bags, but that also slows down any progress you might make converting those into Zen(the real money currency). This is the only MMORPG I have played that does this. This is just absolute stupidity. A huge loss of time have to go buy the scrolls just to know what you picked up before you can keep or sell. Of course, they did this so people will buy more bags at $10 each.

Then there is the storage bag issue. In D & D you can craft bags with the leather profession and most MMORPG’s, but not in Neverwinter. In fact, every profession is a complete waste of time. You cannot make anything to sell in the auction house, unless you dump a million hours and lots of in-game gold, to get up to a high level and then hope, a random rare item appears in your crafting area so you can craft it. I have seen many crafting systems over the years but NEVER have I seen one so completely useless. Of course, it is like everything in this game. The game may be free but EVERYTHING is geared toward taking your AD or preventing you from making any AD, so you have to spend money or just end up blocked from anything.

I played for little over a week and got one character up to level 60 right after the latest update to my Xbox. Then Elemental Evil came out and I was completely stopped from all advancement. I could not do any Skimishes because there are none at level 60. Well, I could do them but not earn any AD. Kind of pointless. I could not make any progress in the campaigns, because they made all the enemies at that level ridiculously strong and mages get one-hit killed so easy. It was litterly costing me gold to adventure instead of making it. The healing potions did not heal enough and the injury kits get really expensive. I have a healing companion and have been upgrading my con and int since I started. I suppose, if I would have spent real money I could have bought another health stone and maybe made it through. But why would you want to spend money on this game. There are far too many ways they try to steal your money and no one can afford everything.

Then there is the lag and connection issues. I can’t play even an hour without getting disconnected at least once. I am running a 15mb/5mb connection and do not have this issue with most other games. Even crappy Gears of War did not disconnect as much.

It makes me wonder just how dumb these players are. Why would you spend money in a game like this? They just keep looking for more ways to make you pay. It is not that I have a problem paying for something, but it must be something of quality. This game is not…by any means.

In a way, I am glad Elemental Evil came out. It saved me from wasting anymore time in the game and showed me just how incredibly greedy and stupid these devs are. If you make it so that people cannot earn money in a free game, they will leave and they won’t support your work. I will never support a game that creates a new expansion just to rob players and that is exactly what they have done.

They took away more ways for players to earn AD and made it so every high level player has to get new equipment, which of course, costs AD. Another player did the math. It will take players over 2 yrs. just to level up the enchantments on their new gear and for what? So they can do a bunch of repeatable quests that can only be done once a day. Yep, they did not even take the time to add in real quests to the the higher areas. They blatantly did it to drain people’s AD so they would have to spend real money.

How anyone can see this and still play is beyond me? I guess it takes a special kind of stupid to continue playing a game, when it is clear this game is nothing but roadblock after roadblock.

Thx Neverwinter devs for showing me the light and now it is time to move on.


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@GearsofWar -Ultimate Laggy Edition, Part 2

After my last post on this game https://axewielderx.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/gears-of-war-ultimate-laggy-edition/ I decided to play the campaign and forget about online play for awhile. However, I did check for the any official responses when not playing. If the online got fixed, I wanted to know about it. Finally, they posted this article about the game’s issues and I learned exactly what is going on.-


They claim their servers are working fine and there is no lag. I have to wonder just how dumb they are to tell people the problem is not them.  After going into the game and checking my region settings I discovered it was putting me on the Brazilian server. Wtf? Why? My Xbox one knows it is in central standard time, North America.

The funny thing is switching to a server in North America did not solve the issue because that are NO servers in the ENTIRE central USA.  What the hell was The Colition thinking when they decided to leave out the second most populated state in the USA, Texas?

So every single game is twice the ping of anyone on the east coast and west coast. Minimum 80 ms on a 15mb download/5mb upload speed. To top that off they decided to add animated skins to the game. Even Epic, who were not too good at fixing their mistakes, was at least smart enough to avoid doing this, realizing it would just add lag to the game.

What they have done here is show me that Gears of War is not Central USA friendly, and made certain it would be unplayable to anyone living in the middle of this country. They showed me that don’t intend on fixing it by adding a server or removing the skins. In fact, they won’t even take responsibility for what most certainly were decisions they made. The Colition decided not to put servers here and sold animated skins.

The console makers wonder why people are abandoning traditional gaming but it is clear to see why. App makers fix their games or die on the vine. Apps cost less money and take less time to start. People don’t have time or money for companies that just take your money for a broken product and then won’t fix them.

Now that I know how this company works, I won’t be waiting to buy GOW 4. In fact, I am saying goodbye to my favorite shooter of all time. As long as this company is in charge of this game, there is no sense in even bothering.

In fact, even the campaign has bugs in it. I got completely logged out of my console and was unable to play at all because it got stuck while playing campaign. But I bet that is not their fault either.

Oh well, it was fun for time and now that time has passed. On to better days and games. Thanks The Colition for reminding me just how bad console game developers really are.



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About @XboxLiveRewards

Are you for real? You reply with BS excuses for not giving me reward credits and flat out lies in fact, and then you send me a email asking me to refer people. Are you out of you mother loving fucking mind? Why the fuck would anyone refer a friend to you, for xbox live rewards they will never get? Why would anyone refer a friend to you, when all they got from you was lies? Why would I refer anyone to you, ever? After going through 7 xbox 360’s and now this, you will never, ever receive a referral from me. In fact, I will tell everyone right now…avoid the Xbox One at all costs. How do you like that? Perhaps if you would have fixed the xbox live rewards program, instead of trying to screw people out of rewards, your referral program might have had a chance. But telling someone, were sorry, you paid for a subscription(full price I might add) but we are not going to keep our word and reward you for it, is not the way to endear yourself to paying customers. The minute you forgot the customer was the minute you lost them.

Here anyone can take a look at both threads I posted on the xbox live rewards forum and see for yourself. They just give BS/lies for answers and do not actually fix anything. Furthermore, then they lock the threads, so people cannot reply to their flat out lies.-




Good Luck Microsoft!(By “good luck” I mean “go fuck yourself”


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