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What are you Thankful for today?

Seems the day of the turkey is here once more. A day for spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. Yep, I am implying that they are 3 completely separate things and they should be. However, that is in and of itself, an entirely different discussion and one best saved for one of those days, when you have nothing better to do, than to bitch and moan a little.

Today, and this discussion, are about turkeys and being thankful. On outside appearance those two do not really seem to mesh, until we remember the tale of the settlers and indians, then it makes sense in a way. But if one really thinks too much about that one, you are lead to systematic genocide and that, is really not a subject for today either. Seems I am in a bit of a feisty mood today. Good thing I will be spending my time today with loved ones. 🙂

I digress though and let’s move back to the real subject at hand, being thankful. What does that really mean though? Guess I could go, look it up or something along those lines, but that would make for extremely boring writing, wouldn’t it? Besides, like everything else in life, there is perspective to take into consideration. Everything is subject to perspective. Even the same person can view the same thing differently on a different day. So what I propose is I give you my take on what I feel being thankful means and what exactly I am thankful for today, then hopefully, you will do the same. Deal? No deal? W/E!

To me being thankful means a combination of 2 things . The first is appreciation for what we have and the second one is being happy. I am certain many might find my viewpoint slightly askew but those who know me, really know me, know that I do not put a lot of stock into what others think about me. Never have and I never will. What I am really trying to say though is, I view being thankful as being happy and appreciative of what we currently have.

Keep in mind I won’t sugarcoat anything in my life. I chose my prison as we all do. My lack of love for money has never done me any great favors and neither has my inability to tolerate ignorance and stupidity. Pretty certain that if either of  my viewpoints were different, my life would vastly different also. However, I do not see myself changing that drastically in the near future just to make a few people or even a large amount of people happy with me.

I am thankful that, despite the conflicts and large amount of time I spend alone, I have remained myself. Not many can say this, you know. This world possesses far too many cowards and too few brave ones. It really does not need any help in that department.

I am thankful to all those ignore every post I make. It not only gives me extra time to work on creative endeavours, by not having to post comical and sarcastic replies, to theirs. It helps me to appreciate, so much more, those that have supported me in my artistic works. Lastly, it gives me the perfect excuse for ignoring their posts, now and in the future.

I am thankful to have made it to the other side. For awhile I was not sure if I or the Hyper/Hypo Thyroidism was going to win. Not saying something else won’t kill me any day or anytime, however it is not likely going to be that issue. Speaking of the other side, for a brief moment, the view does look good from over here. I have direction and purpose now, something with which I could never quite get a handle on before. There is clarity in place of bluriness…there is a small light where once there was only the darkness of empty existence. Doubters and nay-sayers be damned and shall be left in the dust of my wake, as I move along a path they cannot now or ever clearly see. I highly recommend a fight with a life-threatening disease to everyone. For most who read this, it might be the only hope you have left of ever truly appreciating what you have or of finding any real purpose in your life. Let me clarify one thing before I move on. By real purpose, I mean helping others out in some way on a consistent basis and not just people you love, I.E. children, spouse, parents, friends, etc.

Lastly, I am thankful that I have something which I can give to others. My many years of trial and error have led me down paths which in turn has given me insight into things that the many, who have taken the safe route in life, will never experience. By sharing these things I have learned, and I will be the first to admit they are not always pretty, I am able to contribute to the world as a whole. If people do not see a problem, through their little rose-colored lens, then how are they expected to fix it? A good analogy would be the proverbial dam. Only this dam is the world and it has a great many holes. Some so large there is not any real hope of fixing them immediately and some are so small that most cannot even see them. Through my writings, in whatever form they may find themselves in, it is my desire to show these smaller holes to others who may be able to fix them, before they become much larger holes. I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to do this. Whether others choose to take advantage of this is beyond my control and my concern. I can only do my part. One can only control what is within, not what is without.

Although, I am certain that most will find my list of things I am thankful for today a bit long in the teeth and perhaps a tad impersonal, I want to assure you this list is, as personal as personal can be, and not any longer than needed. I did not add people or things because that would not only be redundant but also rather ignorant. No sense in saying the obvious things, at least in my humble opinion. However, if that is all you got, then feel free to add those or w/e you like in your comment.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday and be thankful for ANYTHING you have!

J.B. Thomas


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More Free Thanksgiving Gifs !

I found a few more Thanksgiving gifs so I thought I would post them as well.Enjoy!








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Happy Turkey Day !!!

Yes, I realize this is a little early and I also realize not everyone who reads my blog is from America but I wanted to get this up so anyone wanting to use it in emails and such could. Of course, it is a holiday gif. Enjoy!




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