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Happy New Year!!!

Yep, hope everyone has a better year than last year! Oh and I am lowering the price of my e-book. New year, new price. Does everything have to go up every year? LOL! I say NO MORE PRICE INCREASES UNTIL EVERYONE HAS A JOB!!!! I know, I know someone needs to slap me ’cause I obviously must be dreaming. We can always hope, right? 😉

Have a great day and enjoy the new year!

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New Year,same ole’ shit!

We always promise to change,some of a us (very few really)making that change in our lives. Resolution after resolution broken like so many glass windows near places of baseball fame.

Why lie to ourselves every single year? Perhaps it is some deep buried instinct to try to survive and knowing that we are not growing or evolving, would not be surviving.

Perhaps you could try to do it the way I did.Keep it all in and thus if some changes truelly do come through,then it would be clearly evident.

Whatever, the case ..if you make changes or not, do not expect the rest of the world to. One person making a true change in their life is a amazing, many people doing it is impossible.

Be that as it may I will still be here. Not posting the same ole’ shit.nor living it in my own personal life.


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A New year and a new chance…

What new cool thing will come out this year? A change in the political climate perhaps? A accord to reduce the global warming? A cure for a disease? I suppose these and many other things are are important to the big picture, called planet earth. However, how much of a impact will any of it have on me or for that matter the average person? Not likely anything huge in the near future.

The real chance for us, as individuals, is the chance to become someone better, someone improved from the previous year. Am I speaking of resolutions? Yes and no. Certainly a resolution that is actually acted upon is the  general direction I am aiming for. But what I am really trying to get across is that this new year gives us each the chance to be a better human being.

Having said that, I am sure there are those, who would say that this is really too simplified. That there must be much more clarity, more direction. Saying that one should should strive this year, to be a better human being this year, is far too broad a goal.

To those that think such, I say this. Everyone knows when they are not being the best they can possibly be. They know it in heart. They know it with every fiber of their being. Nothing could be anymore more simple than this and yet so meaningful.

Imagine, just for a moment if every single human being on this planet, decided to be a better human being this year…. now tell me this would have no impact on the world!

I am realist though and know this will never happen, however, I also realize that every little bit helps. One good deed, one good thing, can turn into many. One good thing can change the course of someone’s life forever.

After typing this (and hopefully after you have read this) the decision to try to be a better human being seems like a worthy goal. Therefore, with this new year I will embrace this  new chance at becoming a better human being. I hope you will join me.


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