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All they had to do…

Was think of the regular people instead of themselves.

So what am I referring to? I am speaking of the U.S. government, specifically the politicians that run this country. I know, I know, I don’t normally discuss politics on my blogs, but I have many times before spoken on morality lessons and this one is so huge I would be remiss to not take a stab at it.

Especially when you consider just how fucking stupid the whole thing is. So let’s get into it, shall we?

When it was realized, a bit late I might add, that Covid-19 was highly contagious and the only way to stand a chance of eradicating it, was to lockdown the country, our leaders failed to realize the most basic of basics. Keeping people at home was going to reduce consumer spending. I know this is so stupid. But really how could you not see this? Well, I have a few theories but we’ll get to those later.


So once the country was shut down and consumer spending was at a standstill, many companies were forced to layoff employees. Although some companies laid off employees simply because the shut down caused them to close their doors, due to the nature of their business. The main thing we have to realize is, that more and more people were and are getting laid off. The more people that get laid off, the less consumer spending. This has snowball effect because consumer spending lies at the heart of the American economy. In fact 70% of the U.S. economy IS consumer spending.

If you combine lower consumer spending with a highly contagious virus, you get a domino effect. People don’t have the money to spend and even if they did there is still potential death waiting just outside the door. This just adds up to more unemployment and less spending.

Instead of approaching this situation head on, our government has chosen politics over people. They shut down the country to ruin the economy. This was done by mostly Democrat governorship first. Although eventually every state followed suit. This led to the massive unemployment and reduced consumer spending.

Instead of actually addressing the problem, the government gave a bunch of stimulus in the form of 3 stimulus packages to big businesses and government. Do you see the error here? They gave the money to everything but what drives the economy…consumer spending. They gave the people a measly $1200. For most, that barely paid rent and utilities. How could they think this would help? The answer is simple. They did not consider giving money to the real source of the problem because they don’t want the economy to come back. This was one of the few things Donald Trump actually did right. The Democrats know if they ruin the economy, they decrease the chances of Donald Trump getting re-elected.

I realize it sounds outlandish that our government, at least part of it, would ignore the obvious problem and risk all American’s lives for the sake of winning back the White House. But tell me, can you think of any other reason for them to ignore the obvious solution? Realistically speaking, they are not that dumb, they did go to college, for god’s sake!

But let’s add in a little more proof that this theory is true. Just look at the last stimulus package they passed this last Friday(5/15/2020). In this last stimulus package, they did nearly the same thing. They gave a bunch of money to big businesses and government, yet offered the American people a measly $1200. This is now after most people have been laid off for 3 months. This is actually worse than the first stimulus package .Now people need more money than when the first stimulus was passed. Basically, they are further reducing the amount of money people have to spend and lowering consumer spending even further. This is the exact opposite direction any sane government should be going. Unless, of course, my theory is correct. The Democrats care more about winning the next election, then saving lives or turning around the economy.

All our government had to do was think of the people instead of themselves!!!

So what is coming next, after our governments betrayal? People with no money don’t pay bills. All loans will go into default. Credit cards, bank loans, mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans, etc. will not be paid. The people have no money to pay this and the government is intent on not giving them the money. So next thing to come will be the fall of the housing market. People cannot pay their mortgage and the government does not own every house and apartment. If people can’t pay, apartment complexs  and homes will go into foreclosure.

This leads to the next stage, the fall of the banks. Between the foreclosures and all the other defaulted loans, the banks won’t have any choice. They will take your money with them as they fall. If you have any excess money in the bank, I suggest removing it ASAP.

These things will happen. How do I know? Because the evidence is clear. Our politicians don’t care about us.

But there is one more stage. This last thing can start anywhere and where it ends is when our government is no more. This last stage is crime and chaos. Crime will go up because for some that will be the only way they can feed their family. Chaos will come when people have nothing left to lose.

There is only one way to stop this madness. We must stop the government that is allowing this to happen. This government will never do what is necessary to save the people. They have been given every opportunity to show that they cared and they failed miserably. How long will YOU wait to do something? How many of your kids have to die?

Die asleep or wake up! That moment of my past is now your moment! You have to decide to either do something or let the government kill your family and friends.

Everyone claims that they have no leader to follow. Well, here you go. I will help you with that.

March on Washington, D.C. on July 4th,2020. It is time to reclaim your country and your life! Bring your guns, bring your bats, bring your voices. One way or another we will be heard! One way or another, we will remake this country great again!

When you have joined together and chosen this path, I will be there to lead us in a new and better direction. I won’t lead the new nation, but I will offer a vision into what it will look like.

Now you have no more excuses. I have offered you a plan. I have given you a direction. The rest is up to you. If you agree with this plan, like AND share it! We are going to need as many people as we can get.

Remember this though…all our government had to do was think of the people instead of themselves. They only had to care! Die asleep or wake up. The choice is yours and the decision you make will have consequences!





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The time for Revolution is NOW!

Omg! As if being forced out of my rental mobile home, moving 3 times last year, and forced to LIVE in a RV because we cannot afford a real house, was not enough. After being abused by RV park managers(because local governments don’t think people in RVs should have rights) and forced to give up our puppy. After having so many health issues, and being turned down for social security or any kind of government assistance, while at the same being told the government took my money, and will never give any of it back, because I spent too many years unemployed and raising kids. I have had it with the government. Complete utter failure!

When a poor, unemployed man LIVING in a RV is forced to pay taxes, the government has failed.

When a man with soo many health issues, that he cannot afford health insurance, is now being forced to pay a fine, the government has failed.

When a woman who has to work two jobs and 75+ hours to pay the bills, is now being told she owes income tax and has to pay fines for not being able to afford everything, the government has failed.

When a man with 4 major health issues is told he does not qualify for government aid and that all the social security he paid before raising kids, he does not qualify for and will never see the money again. The government has just stole money and now does not want to help a disabled person, then the government is a complete failure and thieves!

When a man and woman over 50 yrs. are being told they have to get health insurance, that will force them into Bankruptcy, the government not only failed the poor, they also failed the rich, who lose money when Bankruptcies are filed.

The United States Government has to be stopped. They have gone too far and I am tired of bending over for them, their lies, and their inability to do their fucking jobs!!! I do not care what fucking party you claim to be, the only thing you care about is putting money into your pocket(stealing from the citizens you are supposed to protect) and getting re-elected( putting pork into bills to make yourself look good).

Now I am forced into a corner. Never force anyone into a corner. I must get insurance, I must pay a tax pro to do my taxes, and then I must declare Bankruptcy to pay for both of those, since I am a poor man with health issues and cannot afford to pay my bills and the governments bills too!

This government that devours its own must be stopped. There is only one way to get a man’s attention who is not listening…a gunshot.

If you are going to force poor people into declaring Bankruptcy just so they can afford health insurance, then you are hindering and ruining lives, for the sake of putting money into your pocket. Nobody gets money from me for FREE. I am poor, unemployed, and have multiple health issues. You want to steal from me? Your stealing from a man who has nothing left to give! Tell me that this government has not gone too far!

ANY individuals or organizations looking to put an end to the tyranny of the U.S. government can contact me. I am in, ALL in.

If this years tax return affects others, in the way it has impacted my family, then I suggest you join me, in ending this corrupt and greedy government.

As for you, Uncle Sam, you best fix this and I mean NOW! If you don’t, you are likely going to find an armed army of the 99% sitting on your doorstep, within the next year. I will make certain of it. I’ve had enough and I am NOT going to take any more. You have been warned!

As for the fans, you may have to wait a while. I must now go figure out which bank I should rob to pay the government with. Well, they can steal from me but I can’t? You see where this is going! BTW, if I come up missing, you will know the government silenced me, as they do with anyone who opposes their corruption. Demand to know my whereabouts through any and ALL contacts you have,especially the press!




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Foreign Soil(Music)

While I may avoid discussing politics and religion in general, on this blog or anywhere, for that matter. I do not do the same for my music. This new song is no exception. It is a dance/edm song. For your convenience, I have posted the lyrics below the player. 🙂 Enjoy!


Why must we, police this world?
Tell me now, is it really worth it?
Yeah awww

1st verse(repeated twice)-
How many children must die?
How many men need riches?

2nd verse(part spoken,part sung)-
Why can’t we, just live in harmony?
Harmony is beautiful.
When will we, begin to see?
The big picture, before our eyes.
Singing part-
There is only one solution.
Rise up, rise up, rise up, before we all die.
Now you know… what you going to do?

3rd section-

Oh yeah and whoo-ohh yeah blended
No oh, sung two different ways blended
No More and Stop it blended
Stop it yeah-ahh

Stop stop,(pause) stop, stop killing.(sung 3 times in different ways)


Blended: Get out, get out, get out and ohhhhhhh and Now

Last line-Get out of foreign soil

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So who really won?

If you think a black man won the electon you are about as far from right as is humanly possible.

It is possible that my being someone, who is not heavyly into politics, nor would I call myself the perfect example of a completely unbiased person.

Certainly, I am not the perfect person to proclaim this  however, I am not really proclaiming something that is’nt blatantly obvious.

It must be done though..even if nobody reads a single word,for to not do so would make my head explode,it would just bother me until I have come forth.

We did not elect a black man,we did not eliminate or reduce in the least any racist ideals. They only briefly forgot them so that we could get rid of George Bush. It was only done to place a democrat in office. ANY democrat would have been fine.

Too many blacks will always be N-words. Nothing has changed..don’t fool yourself. Barack was just a port in a storm.


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