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I’ve had a few people ask about the various sites I have. While I have some links here and some there, it seems I need to have them all, everywhere. So for now, here is a complete list of the most popular ones. I will post these permanently in the About section, on every site possible, later this week.

Main Website-
Author Blog-
Pics Site-

I am sorry if I inconvenienced anyone trying to find something. I thought enough links were up and apparently, I was wrong. My bad! Have an amazing dream-filled day, my friends!

Until next I type…


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#Battleborn is dead!

Yep! It seems that after a little less than 3 weeks, they have killed the game. Their lack of action to player complaints about exploits, on the one decent map of the incursion mode(the only mode familiar to most MOBA players) and their announcement of such a high price for a new forth-coming battler seemed to have done the trick.

When you make it so obvious you only care about money, instead of the players, they disappear. I sat for more than an hour trying to find a single game of incursion today, before finally realizing that their newest announcement had pissed off their player base.

Oh well, just glad I was not stupid enough to buy a season pass. I bought the game to play incursion and since that is not going to happen anymore, it will now have to be traded-in.

I had considered doing a small review of this game but now I see no sense in it. I think what has just happened pretty much says it all. The actual gameplay COULD be fun when players were not utilizing an exploit, surrendering early for no reason (Yes, they even surrendered when winning) and the terrible matchmaking actually got it right. The character customizing was not really custom, you just received a battler of a different color and the SAME clothes. It made it really not worth leveling your characters up. The story mode was a disjointed piece of nonsense. The game had much potential, if they would have just listened to the players more, they would still have them.

On to the next game or perhaps some creating…


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GEARS OF WAR 4: WARNING! Do not buy this game if you live in Texas!

Most people in the gaming industry know that currently they are doing the GOW:4 open beta. In fact today is the last day of it. I have been playing off and on the last few days just to see if the game has any merit. I wanted to give an totally unbiased review of the game and now I feel I can do so.

Firstly, let me give the news that applies to Texas players the most. THEY HAVE NO SERVERS IN TEXAS! This means EVERY single game you will be playing half as fast as your opponents. EVERY player on the EAST and WEST coast will be playing as less than half the ping you are. In a game where shotgun battles are the norm, this is so vitally important. No, you cannot just Lancer them down either. The lancer gun seems to have been weakened even more. In a distance battle of 30 ft. A shotgun will win and that is total bull. The shot gun is supposed to be short range. However, the shotgun and lancer balance in the beta is the worst I have ever played with. Add to that the delay from having to use servers on the west or east coast and basically you are screwed. If you think past GOW games were full of BS, well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

If every player from Texas boycotted this game, it might teach them as lesson in overlooking the 2nd most populace state in the nation. At least your money WILL be spent better elsewhere. This game will just give anyone playing in Texas a headache.

I won’t go into all the other problems with this game. There are already so many reviews on the beta, talking about poor graphics, shotgun inaccuracies, bugs in wall mechanics, etc.etc.etc.

I used to really love this franchise but it just seems to get worse with every new edition and this beta was by far the worst edition I have ever played. Guess the time for playing online shooter games has come to an end. All the old franchises have put out nothing but crap lately and I see no end to it in the future. They seem content to just keep stealing your money and not really improving the games. It is the same as buying a name brand food product. You are paying for a name, not the actual product.

Let’s hope some of the new franchises take this genre seriously and put out quality shooter games. Until then, looks I am stuck with campaign mode.

If you read this and still go and buy GOW 4, don’t come back and tell me later how you should have listened. I have just word for the you if you do so…DUMBASS! You have been warned by an honest player who does not take money from companies for reviews.

Until I type next…


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Videos Opening

As per my post on my author blog, I created a small opening for all future videos. It is straight up rock and roll, simple and only 20 seconds long.

Comment if you like…Laterz!


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New CD Cover

Familiar Vibes cd cover


Despite having an infection, I have been working on new music for this year. I decided to take a small break from that and create the cover. I think it came out pretty good and reflects what is going to be at the center of most songs.

Your welcome to add your comments, if so choose or not…w/e. Have a great evening all!


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Does the life of one #cat matter?


I suppose the easy answer to that question would be “no”. In the big picture even I do not matter, why should a cat? However, I am never looking for the easy answer. The easy answer is usually a cop-out often used to escape one’s responsibilities. The easy answer has but one purpose…to make things easier on you.

I don’t want or accept easy. I want difficult, I want a challenge. I want to accomplish. I want to acheive. I am no ordinary being I realize, and of course, this post alone proves as much. So let’s step away from easy and look for that difficult answer.

The difficult answer is ‘It depends”. That one cat might mean the world to someone. It might be the very thing that is holding together one person’s sanity. It might be the only physical contact, with a another living being, that the human has most of everyday. It could easily be a major reason why said human is still alive. What happens to the human if the cat is suddenly gone? I personally find the answer to that last question too scary to even consider, however, sadly I must do so. If not publicly, at least in private. But let’s just set that last question aside for a moment and presume the answer would not be a pretty one.

We will just assume, for the moment, this cat does mean the world to someone. Let us say this for the practical purpose of movement in thought and move along to what someone should do to preserve the life of something so important. If this little cat was in jeopardy, should we take money to the nearest vet, in hopes that this new vet will actually care enough about the animal to try to heal it. Previous experience has shown me, not just people doctors care more about making money, than healing anyone or anything.

The vet I took my previous cat to simply did not prescribe enough antibiotics to heal him, and in the end, the cat had to be put to rest to end his misery. Treading down this path clearly seems like a fool’s mission. Expecting a person to care about an animal, when people seem to have a hard time caring about each other, could not be any more foolhardy of a venture. Yet, what other course of action is there?

Should someone sell their house, their car, their soul, to save one tiny animal that does not even understand all that you give up? Should they drop all their medical treatments they need to help the poor little beast? If they do not do these things, will they be made to suffer more, by the loss of the creature? Would it be more caring, if the human was to simply allow the cat to move on to the next life?

Filled with anger, remorse, agony, and disgust, I must try to answer all these questions in my mind, as my little cat of less than 2 yrs. of age sits around in agony from a UTI infection, which has stopped responding to any over-the-counter medicines. It is not bad enough that I still suffer in my 4th month of a staff infection that won’t go away. Now I must add this to my menu of pain. When will it end? What must I do? And lastly, the always persistent “why me?”

I hate that I must decide this. I don’t want to. This is the last thing I need. I’ve been told sometimes life just sucks. But my question is, why don’t they say that life always sucks? It is much closer to the truth.

Thank you for lending me your ear…I am sorry, it was not good things I had to fill it with.




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