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I’ve had a few people ask about the various sites I have. While I have some links here and some there, it seems I need to have them all, everywhere. So for now, here is a complete list of the most popular ones. I will post these permanently in the About section, on every site possible, later this week.

Main Website-
Author Blog-
Pics Site-

I am sorry if I inconvenienced anyone trying to find something. I thought enough links were up and apparently, I was wrong. My bad! Have an amazing dream-filled day, my friends!

Until next I type…


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Videos Opening

As per my post on my author blog, I created a small opening for all future videos. It is straight up rock and roll, simple and only 20 seconds long.

Comment if you like…Laterz!


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New CD Cover

Familiar Vibes cd cover


Despite having an infection, I have been working on new music for this year. I decided to take a small break from that and create the cover. I think it came out pretty good and reflects what is going to be at the center of most songs.

Your welcome to add your comments, if so choose or not…w/e. Have a great evening all!


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Does the life of one #cat matter?


I suppose the easy answer to that question would be “no”. In the big picture even I do not matter, why should a cat? However, I am never looking for the easy answer. The easy answer is usually a cop-out often used to escape one’s responsibilities. The easy answer has but one purpose…to make things easier on you.

I don’t want or accept easy. I want difficult, I want a challenge. I want to accomplish. I want to acheive. I am no ordinary being I realize, and of course, this post alone proves as much. So let’s step away from easy and look for that difficult answer.

The difficult answer is ‘It depends”. That one cat might mean the world to someone. It might be the very thing that is holding together one person’s sanity. It might be the only physical contact, with a another living being, that the human has most of everyday. It could easily be a major reason why said human is still alive. What happens to the human if the cat is suddenly gone? I personally find the answer to that last question too scary to even consider, however, sadly I must do so. If not publicly, at least in private. But let’s just set that last question aside for a moment and presume the answer would not be a pretty one.

We will just assume, for the moment, this cat does mean the world to someone. Let us say this for the practical purpose of movement in thought and move along to what someone should do to preserve the life of something so important. If this little cat was in jeopardy, should we take money to the nearest vet, in hopes that this new vet will actually care enough about the animal to try to heal it. Previous experience has shown me, not just people doctors care more about making money, than healing anyone or anything.

The vet I took my previous cat to simply did not prescribe enough antibiotics to heal him, and in the end, the cat had to be put to rest to end his misery. Treading down this path clearly seems like a fool’s mission. Expecting a person to care about an animal, when people seem to have a hard time caring about each other, could not be any more foolhardy of a venture. Yet, what other course of action is there?

Should someone sell their house, their car, their soul, to save one tiny animal that does not even understand all that you give up? Should they drop all their medical treatments they need to help the poor little beast? If they do not do these things, will they be made to suffer more, by the loss of the creature? Would it be more caring, if the human was to simply allow the cat to move on to the next life?

Filled with anger, remorse, agony, and disgust, I must try to answer all these questions in my mind, as my little cat of less than 2 yrs. of age sits around in agony from a UTI infection, which has stopped responding to any over-the-counter medicines. It is not bad enough that I still suffer in my 4th month of a staff infection that won’t go away. Now I must add this to my menu of pain. When will it end? What must I do? And lastly, the always persistent “why me?”

I hate that I must decide this. I don’t want to. This is the last thing I need. I’ve been told sometimes life just sucks. But my question is, why don’t they say that life always sucks? It is much closer to the truth.

Thank you for lending me your ear…I am sorry, it was not good things I had to fill it with.




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Why I use and why you should too!

Before I became an author of books, I was a writer of poems and a musician but most importantly, I was a community manager on MSN communities and I was a graphic designer.

During that time as a community manager, I learned that creating your own graphics is absolutely essential. If you used the same stock graphics as everyone else, you might as well shut down the community. Nobody was going to join. It did not matter how great your content is. What mattered and always will, when it comes to any website, is the appearance. If it does not make a great first impression, it will be the last impression.

This is true of every website on the Internet. The reason is quite simple. If you cannot make an original site, then people have no confidence in your professionalism. If they have no confidence, they won’t buy, read, listen, or even bother to glance around.

That does not mean that the persons behind the site are necessarily unprofessional. It just means they were too lazy to make themselves look professional. On this one, I will have to side with the masses. If I go a website that is poorly designed, I will leave. Who has time for extra headaches, right?

The point I am trying to set in here is, it is more important to learn how to create your own graphics, than it is to spend money on buying someone else’s stuff, which they have sold a billion times. No where on my blogs will you find stock photos(other than company logos for recognition purposes). I create all the graphics myself.  This guarantees that nobody will have graphics like mine and it WILL be a new experience for them.

Someone suggested on Twitter to today, that you use premium themes. But let’s analyze this for a moment. If you buy a premium theme and use stock photos(graphics), then that is a the equivalent of serving shit on a golden platter. You completely wasted your good money, UNLESS you are going to go all in and pay for custom graphics. Then you are basically looking at someone building a website for you.  That is going to cost you at least $500.00!

My suggestion would be the inverse. LEARN TO CREATE YOUR OWN GRAPHICS! Then no matter what kind of theme you choose, you can create a custom site for your visitors.

Sure it will take some time, but the money you save can be used on advertising!

Invest $100.00 in photo editing software such as Photoshop Elements. It has enough customization options for most people. Learn a little html. Do these in your spare time, when you are not creating. A website, you should not expect to be an overnight success. It takes time and that is the time you can use to learn.

You can start that journey toward a successful website right here at There are so many great themes with various options, including customization options, that it is the perfect place to start and even keep your blog permanently, as long as you do not plan on making money from the blog itself(placing ads). Note: They may have changed this policy and allow you to do that now.

This website offers plenty of free space( I have over 1000 pics on this blog and still have lots of space), they have a great spam blocker that actually works. They have plenty of widgets(plug-ins), layout choices, etc. all with no coding knowledge required. You can upgrade your account at any time to remove ads, add more space, or even install a custom or premium theme, should you desire.

Now, I do not use a custom landing page. I never will. It has been my experience that you cannot force people to do anything they don’t want to do. Trying to do so will only cause them to leave or to give you false information. If you want people to visit and return, just make their visit enjoyable.

Feel free to look at my stats on the front page and you will see I am not talking out of my ass. I have nearly 700k visits in eight years time. That is nearly 100k visitors a year and with less than 12 posts a year. Obviously, I am doing something right.

If you follow the path I suggest, not only will you save money, you will have fun learning something new, and you will have more money to put into things that matter…like advertising! There is a reason big companies spend lots of money on it every year. It actually works if the advertising is targeted.

Of course, the obvious question might be why don’t I advertise? The answer is simple…I have no money. I spend it all on medicine thanks to Obamacare. But that is a different story, for another day.

I hope this article you found useful. If so, please like, link, share, or comment. Your support is always welcome and appreciated!

Take care!


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Quick updates!

Since absolutely no one seemed even remotely interested in a music video, I am just going to slap these wonderful pictures up on my Music Creation page and call it a day.

Before you go thinking I am just being petty, let me share the rest of my news. My culture came back from the doctor today and I still have an staff infection. He said, “Nearly everything I have tried in the past should have knocked it out. ” He is going to prescribe more antibiotics for me. How awesome!

So this news, when combined with no views of the pictures, just pointed in the direction of no video. Maybe next year…

Take care and have a rockin’ week all!


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