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Most popular funny Christmas pictures and animations

Seems as soon as Thanksgiving left us people began looking for the Christmas stuff and my blog stats seem to hold this up to be true. With that in mind, I thought I would save every visitor a little time and post what appear to be the top 4 links visited here that are about Christmas. Here they are in order of popularity:

Funny Christmas Pictures

Funny Christmas pictures 2

Funny Christmas Animation

Free Christmas Animations

While there are other posts about Christmas here, these are the ones most visited. If you want to see the other Christmas posts, just do a search for “Christmas” in the search box, on the top left side of this blog. I hope visitors find this helpful. Have a great holiday season and enjoy!

JB Thomas

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Snacks for Santa

Want to get what you want for Christmas? Go here to find out what you should do. It is rather funny!

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Free Christmas Animations(vol.#2)

Since my I last posted some Christmas animations I have gotten a few more. So I am posting them here and any future oes I recieve will be added to this post.








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Why don’t you just go elf yourself !

Bored? Well, here is a simple way to end that and create a original holiday greeting at the same time. Just go here. Have fun!


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Funny Christmas Animation !!!

I found this rather funny animated christmas story. It is kinda dirty, don’t say you were not warned. It is here. or here. They moved the link once so just in case neither of those links works, it is called Santa’s Bad Day.

I have more free  animations here and here.


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