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For those out of the loop…

A year or so ago, I created another blog just for my writings. I moved every writing from here and placed them there. If reading my writings is of interest to you, now would be a great time to go there and have a look around. I am currently posting a Free story. Here’s a link for ya- http://authorjbthomas.wordpress.com/2013/09/20/an-experiment-a-tale/

There are nearly 60 writings there of various genres, so I am certain if you like to read, there will be something for you.


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Just so you know…

 I have not been posting a lot due to problems with my hands, however my lack of posts does not mean I have not been doing anything here. Often little tweeks are done behind the scenes. Recently a couple of those “tweeks” were added and now special new support for Ipad owners has been done and links to my Facebook personal profile and Twitter page have been added. I also, once more, unlocked(for a limited time) all of my previous writings(mostly poetic writings).

 I am sure at times it has seems as though I have abandoned this blog but I can assure you right now that will never happen. This blog will always remain here as long as WordPress allows it to be. Sometimes, we have to wait for life to slow down a little in order to write about it.

Until next time… TC


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Happy B-day Edgar Allan Poe!

Although he is obviously not alive, his writings and influence upon the world shall never be forgotten. Thank you for all you left behind!



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