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So what is the plan? You have your riots, now what?

What was the plan here? Do you think alone you can bring the U.S. government to their knees? You do realize the exact meaning of minority, right? So what is the plan? You do have an end goal, right?

Like it or not, nothing will change unless you have an end goal. “Let’s have riots and burn down shit.” Is not an end goal. So let’s just pause for a second and consider the options.

Option 1 is what will happen if you do not develop a plan. Eventually all 4 cops involved are charged. One with first degree murder and the other with accessory to murder. Then what? The judges will be forced to be easy on them as none of these cops have a previous record. This is exactly the same thing they do for everyone. Likely the worse that any of these cops get is time served in jail and probation. So then what? What did you actually accomplish?

Before we discuss any more options, let’s look at the situation clearly. You see, the entire system is broken, not just the cops. From the president, through Congress, the judicial system on down to the law enforcement agencies. Getting justice in a nation as corrupt as ours is, is like asking the sun and moon to change directions. In order to understand how to change it, you first must understand what it really is.


Corruption is a companion of power and money. Both corrupt men(and women) to different degrees and different ways. It cannot be avoided because we are human and it clouds the mind. A little piece of all of us is in control when corruption sets in. That part of ourselves is called the ego. The ego likes to be in control and it lies to us to justify the things we do. When people are corrupt they spend too much time listening to what their ego is telling them and not enough time listening to their conscience. That is how they can justify what they do. In order to fix the problem we must remove corruption. If we take money and power away… we end corruption.


I am sure you can see that this is not an easy task. However, look at the alternative. The alternative is we burn and destroy things and lives. The alternative is, nothing is really fixed. The alternative is George Floyd died in vain.


Now that you know what you must do, can you get it done. Do you have a plan now? Remember you must remove corruption to fix the problem. Is this an issue you can deal with? If you don’t think it is something you can deal with, then you need to be making alliances and building bridges, not tearing down buildings. I understand that violence may be the only resort left for you, but that does mean you should aim at just any ole’ target. Your efforts need to be focused on those who are to blame, not on those who might help your cause.


Has what I said here made sense to you? Do you believe me when I say that there is a better way? Do you understand that these actions you are now taking won’t get you what you want?


If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yes” then like and SHARE this article. If I see enough of a response to this post, I will return with my take on how we remove the corruption that is destroying our democracy. If I don’t see enough attention, then I will just simply ignore the entire situation. I have no choice; you cannot help those who have no desire to be helped. I am safe from all this madness, so this is absolutely a case of what you decide affects only you.

I ask you once more, do YOU have a plan? I await your answers…



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All they had to do…

Was think of the regular people instead of themselves.

So what am I referring to? I am speaking of the U.S. government, specifically the politicians that run this country. I know, I know, I don’t normally discuss politics on my blogs, but I have many times before spoken on morality lessons and this one is so huge I would be remiss to not take a stab at it.

Especially when you consider just how fucking stupid the whole thing is. So let’s get into it, shall we?

When it was realized, a bit late I might add, that Covid-19 was highly contagious and the only way to stand a chance of eradicating it, was to lockdown the country, our leaders failed to realize the most basic of basics. Keeping people at home was going to reduce consumer spending. I know this is so stupid. But really how could you not see this? Well, I have a few theories but we’ll get to those later.


So once the country was shut down and consumer spending was at a standstill, many companies were forced to layoff employees. Although some companies laid off employees simply because the shut down caused them to close their doors, due to the nature of their business. The main thing we have to realize is, that more and more people were and are getting laid off. The more people that get laid off, the less consumer spending. This has snowball effect because consumer spending lies at the heart of the American economy. In fact 70% of the U.S. economy IS consumer spending.

If you combine lower consumer spending with a highly contagious virus, you get a domino effect. People don’t have the money to spend and even if they did there is still potential death waiting just outside the door. This just adds up to more unemployment and less spending.

Instead of approaching this situation head on, our government has chosen politics over people. They shut down the country to ruin the economy. This was done by mostly Democrat governorship first. Although eventually every state followed suit. This led to the massive unemployment and reduced consumer spending.

Instead of actually addressing the problem, the government gave a bunch of stimulus in the form of 3 stimulus packages to big businesses and government. Do you see the error here? They gave the money to everything but what drives the economy…consumer spending. They gave the people a measly $1200. For most, that barely paid rent and utilities. How could they think this would help? The answer is simple. They did not consider giving money to the real source of the problem because they don’t want the economy to come back. This was one of the few things Donald Trump actually did right. The Democrats know if they ruin the economy, they decrease the chances of Donald Trump getting re-elected.

I realize it sounds outlandish that our government, at least part of it, would ignore the obvious problem and risk all American’s lives for the sake of winning back the White House. But tell me, can you think of any other reason for them to ignore the obvious solution? Realistically speaking, they are not that dumb, they did go to college, for god’s sake!

But let’s add in a little more proof that this theory is true. Just look at the last stimulus package they passed this last Friday(5/15/2020). In this last stimulus package, they did nearly the same thing. They gave a bunch of money to big businesses and government, yet offered the American people a measly $1200. This is now after most people have been laid off for 3 months. This is actually worse than the first stimulus package .Now people need more money than when the first stimulus was passed. Basically, they are further reducing the amount of money people have to spend and lowering consumer spending even further. This is the exact opposite direction any sane government should be going. Unless, of course, my theory is correct. The Democrats care more about winning the next election, then saving lives or turning around the economy.

All our government had to do was think of the people instead of themselves!!!

So what is coming next, after our governments betrayal? People with no money don’t pay bills. All loans will go into default. Credit cards, bank loans, mortgage loans, car loans, personal loans, etc. will not be paid. The people have no money to pay this and the government is intent on not giving them the money. So next thing to come will be the fall of the housing market. People cannot pay their mortgage and the government does not own every house and apartment. If people can’t pay, apartment complexs  and homes will go into foreclosure.

This leads to the next stage, the fall of the banks. Between the foreclosures and all the other defaulted loans, the banks won’t have any choice. They will take your money with them as they fall. If you have any excess money in the bank, I suggest removing it ASAP.

These things will happen. How do I know? Because the evidence is clear. Our politicians don’t care about us.

But there is one more stage. This last thing can start anywhere and where it ends is when our government is no more. This last stage is crime and chaos. Crime will go up because for some that will be the only way they can feed their family. Chaos will come when people have nothing left to lose.

There is only one way to stop this madness. We must stop the government that is allowing this to happen. This government will never do what is necessary to save the people. They have been given every opportunity to show that they cared and they failed miserably. How long will YOU wait to do something? How many of your kids have to die?

Die asleep or wake up! That moment of my past is now your moment! You have to decide to either do something or let the government kill your family and friends.

Everyone claims that they have no leader to follow. Well, here you go. I will help you with that.

March on Washington, D.C. on July 4th,2020. It is time to reclaim your country and your life! Bring your guns, bring your bats, bring your voices. One way or another we will be heard! One way or another, we will remake this country great again!

When you have joined together and chosen this path, I will be there to lead us in a new and better direction. I won’t lead the new nation, but I will offer a vision into what it will look like.

Now you have no more excuses. I have offered you a plan. I have given you a direction. The rest is up to you. If you agree with this plan, like AND share it! We are going to need as many people as we can get.

Remember this though…all our government had to do was think of the people instead of themselves. They only had to care! Die asleep or wake up. The choice is yours and the decision you make will have consequences!





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Two ‘fer

A couple of things to spice up your lives today.
Coming from the poor side of existence, I am often very reluctant to pay for anything. Life has a habit of screwing me over, the minute things get caught up. With that in mind, I had to weigh it against the importance of my business situation and common sense eventually won the day.

I will be spending the next few weeks or months, building a portfolio site for my photos and art. While this website will not be a means to sell anything, it is still needed as a digital business card. To keep striving without any real plan of advancement is just folly. Although I am fully aware of just how good most of my photos are and it is clear many people do agree with that assessment, I need to find an venue that displays my photography(and art) in the best possible light.

The next order of business is also about photography. Up until now, I have haphazardly put together this career choice. I will admit that was not a wise thing to do. Sometimes we get so caught up in things that we forget to do some of the most basic things. In regards to photography, I doubly did this. Not only did I fail to create a portfolio site, I failed to create even a blog. I was under the mindset that the images should speak for themselves. That was a wrong frame of mind.

With the Fine Art America website, it completely lacks any real means of telling a photo or piece of artwork’s tale. It also severely lacks in presentation. Don’t even let me get started in the pricing model of the site, I already wrote about that. Thusly, I shall be creating a blog devoted to the subject of photography in the coming months. This blog will be used in conjunction with YouTube videos, that will teach how I create, what I create. So if you have ever been interested in learning more about photography, it will be the place to be.

Lastly, in regards to the pricing of Fine Art America, I have actually raised the prices on prints. Not because I am an ass. But because I believe that I was underpaid for the photo prints I have sold through there. I realize the pricing there is a bit high for some people. But quality is what you are paying for and the site has one of the highest quality ratings for their prints. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is true for most things. If you really want one of my prints from there, buy the print and go bargain shopping for the frame.

However, I have been looking into considering digital downloads. This can greatly decrease the initial cost of a print. No materials are sold to the customer. They merely buy, download, and print it out themselves.


While I would have to go back through my finished photos and make some changes and custom sizes, it is not undoable! It would change the price of a print from $23 for a 8 x 8 to something like $8 for 4 different sized digital print sizes. Of course, these digital items would still only be good for personal use, I.E. home wall art, but that was all that regular prints are good for too. However, before I go digging through 550+ photos for ones to create special digital versions of, I believe asking if anyone would be interested in buying them would be prudent. So, if you are interested, comment with a “Yes” or “I am” or even just liking this post, reposting, retweeting, etc. would be a way of letting me know.

Most photographers I’ve read or spoken with, always say that digital sales is the way to go. I just would like to see some solid proof of that. I was taught don’t believe everything you read, so show me! Geez! I sound like I am from Missouri(the show me state). I can assure you I am not!

Thank you for reading this! If you made it this far, then you made it further than 90% of the people who might read something like this. Congrats! Either you are a true friend, or you find my writing amazing, or you are just bored out of your mind. What ever the case may be…thank you, thank you, thank you! Lastly, if you wish to be notified about the portfolio and photography websites, please do subscribe to my blog. That is the only way I can guarantee that you will get notice. Have an incredible day!😎



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A Journey Through Limbo

J.B. Thomas(Author)

A journey through limbo

Life is an amazingly long trip and sometimes I believe it wants…it needs us to just stop and contemplate what we have learned, what we have seen, what we have felt. Life makes a pause to just regather our energies and find the best way forward.

After my wife’s loss of her job, I found myself in the space of white. A nether of hollow. In limbo I resided. For there was no real way forward. The money lenders had sent their wolves barking and scratching at my door. The sleep agents were randomly arriving and disappearing. There was no order, only a chaotic void of narcissism and depression. 

My mental and physical health both took a dive. While I am uncertain that my physical health will ever get back on positive track, the mental health has finally landed upon a solid track once more…

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Seize The Day!!!

A lot of people like to give lip service to the title statement, but how many really follow through and lead a life based upon this very basic premise? Many? Some? Few? In my experience, not many at all. It takes a certain kind of rare life experience to motivate someone into living for the moment, seizing every second, and sucking the marrow out of life. Mayhap, I should explain further…

Approximately 8 years ago my thyroid decided, hey, lets just go off the rails and see how fast we can run. It slipped into overdrive and I lost weight rapidly. When I got bone thin and could barely walk, I finally gave into the idea of seeing a doctor. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was given pills and told I must take the pills everyday, thus I needed to find a regular doctor. I did so and he recommended that I have my thyroid ablated(killed with radioactive Iodine) or removed through surgery. I chose the path of ablation, rather than the path of surgery and the risk of vocal cord damage.

A couple of years later, after several doctors and finding funding and a failed first attempt to kill it, we finally succeeded. I remember to this day the day it died. You see, when an organ dies like this, it is accompanied by a very strong feeling. It’s a feeling you are not likely going to get in many other ways. It is worse than fear or terror and even loneliness. It is worse, than despair, sadness, and even agony. I call this feeling DOOM. Funny, but that is exactly what the doctor called it when he asked me how I felt when it died. Doom is beyond normal feelings. It is life without hope. It is agony, fear, despair, and hopelessness all wrapped in one. Truthfully, that does not even begin to describe it and therein lies the rub. It has to be experienced to be understood.

This is the kind of rare life experience that motivates people to seize the day. It is a rare circumstance that forces you to realize your mortality and just how limited your days on this planet can be. Without having this kind of experience, it really does not seem as important to live the moment.

I used to procrastinate quite regularly, as I am sure a lot of people do. But since that feeling, I try to do at least one constructive thing everyday. I am not talking about doing the dishes or feeding the cat. I am speaking of creating something. A new photo, a photo trip, writing something, creating a song or at least a melody. I do this everyday. No exceptions! Even if my wife is home, I do this when she sleeps. Of course, every waking moment, when I feel well, I spend with her. Since my thyroid was ablated, I have had a lot of health issues, but I always strive to spend time with my wife and create.

You see one other thing happens when you wake up and realize your time is limited. You also find out what is really important in life. Not surprisingly, you discover that money and material possessions have no value in the big scheme of things. They cannot be taken with you into any imaginable afterlife. It is those intangible things that be come alive for you and worthy of spending your time on. The memories, the emotions, the dreams that can be taken with you.

To drive home this point, I am going to share a couple of photos of what is now the reality of where I live, and then I am going to share some photos of what once was. Understand, the beauty I share with you could not have been possible, if I would not have seized the day!

In the above photo is a fence around a school playground. Now you might not consider this much of a difference unless you knew that this is around the entire playground. Thus, it appears in the background of every photo I have taken there since. IMHO, it just ruins the peaceful ambience that once existed there. You will see it when you view the photos from before the fence was installed.

In this photo you can see what remains of a woodland tunnel. Nothing! It has been completely decimated as they make room for a new road coming through here. It the next set of photos you will see what this woodland tunnel looked like and what the play ground without the fence looked like.

(Click on each pic to see full sized)

I sure you can see how many amazing photos would have been lost had I wasted time. I grabbed them while I could and shared them with everyone. By seizing the day, you not only add to your life, you add to everyone’s life. Now I have here a small gallery of photos, that may never be duplicated and have encapsulated the memory of this small spot of earth, for all time. Not bad for doing nothing but living a life to the fullest!

Speaking of seizing the day, I must go seize this day. I hope this post has shown you the true value of living every moment. Take care and have an amazing day!


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