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First impression of Assassin’s Creed 2

 Got the game last night and started playing it. Not going to give you some bs line about how I was only planning on playing a few hours and ended up playing all night. Before I got the game, I KNEW I would be playing it until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I played 8pm until 4am. What is awesome about that though is that the game was so good that I was able meet and exceed my expectations.

 The graphics on this game are beyond anything I have seen to date. When the cut scene ended I was not even aware I was supposed to move. There were times when I was playing and it felt like it was REAL. Yes, the graphics really are that good.

 I have yet to find any glitches,the gameplay is smooth. This also contributes to the realness of play, I am certain. The game seems to have kept many things from the 1st Assassin’s Creed while still managing to add enhancements to the gameplay. If you played the 1st one you can play this one right out of the box and find new things to discover.

 I am not somebody who is payed in any way, shape, or form, to advertise games. I am just a normal person who likes to play video games. So this is the honest review you were probably looking for.

 Keep in mind I have only played for 8 hrs. so this is not the final verdict on this game.

 One final warning… this game may require you to think. If you your not up to that, don’t bother.:)

Well, gots to go, Assassin’s Creed 2, round 2, here I come !



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Assassin’s Creed

Well, I finished this game and thought I would post my thoughts on it. Normally, I do not take the time to give a game a review, however, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Game: Assassin’s Creed

System: Xbox 360

Game Length: 50 to 100 hrs.

Cons: Game could be longer,no online play

Pros: Amazing Graphics, Original story and game play

Additional thoughts:

This game was very original in it’s story. It has alot of surprises and is not quite what you think it will be. It is entirely story driven with a intelligent storyline that makes you think.The game play makes you think, investigate and problem solve.

Personal experience: I loved this game. It was my favorite game this year. The storyline was deep and made me think. The assassinations were challenging and the graphics were stunning even on regular definition. The gameplay was very different from most other games I have played. Every good game has a good story and this one is no exception. I recommend this game to everyone who likes fun and a challenge.


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