A Journey Through Limbo

J.B. Thomas(Author)

A journey through limbo

Life is an amazingly long trip and sometimes I believe it wants…it needs us to just stop and contemplate what we have learned, what we have seen, what we have felt. Life makes a pause to just regather our energies and find the best way forward.

After my wife’s loss of her job, I found myself in the space of white. A nether of hollow. In limbo I resided. For there was no real way forward. The money lenders had sent their wolves barking and scratching at my door. The sleep agents were randomly arriving and disappearing. There was no order, only a chaotic void of narcissism and depression. 

My mental and physical health both took a dive. While I am uncertain that my physical health will ever get back on positive track, the mental health has finally landed upon a solid track once more…

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