Farewell Facebook.

I want to start this the right way, the correct way. But I am not really sure there is one. So I’ll start, with what I usually do, when I first get on my computer. Once it is up and everything has loaded, the first thing I do is check email. I know that seems odd, in these days of social media, but it is a habit now. It is what I have been doing, since I first got on a computer, more than 15 yrs. ago. As I was looking and noticing that I once again had nothing new to see, I accidentally clicked on the right side of the email list, and somehow managed to end up at the first email I still have.  I then started glancing through the names, periodically stopping to take a glance, at this old email and that one, when I stopped upon the very first email, I received a reply from someone here, where this blog has lived for the last 7 yrs. You see I had just begun my blog here, and she was kind enough to reply to one of my first posts, so I sent her a “Thank You” email. Hoping it would encourage her to come back because I had taken the time. The idea worked, she came by and commented and I replied. Soon after, her friends were coming by and with time, I believe more people were coming by, not because of the astounding posts I was making, but because of the interaction they expected to get and indeed got. I replied to nearly every comment. In fact, when RSS feeds became the thing of the day, I was not surprised to discover, that more and more people subscribed to the comments feed, than the actual blog feed.

In fact, it grew so disproportional, that I eventually had to remove the RSS comments feed link. I began to realize that those people who were not visiting the website and getting to comment. were missing out on the most important part of the entire experience. They were completing missing out on the interaction.

Not going to state that the early days of Facebook reminded me of that, because the early days of Facebook, I had no friends there yet. In fact, I sent an invite to every one of my old friends before they arrived there. I am not saying they all discovered Facebook because of me or something egotistical like that. I am merely stating when I got there, none of them were there yet, and it was a lonely and barren place for me. But with time all things change and eventually they showed up, one by one, and the days of interacting once again were upon me. They were commenting and I was again replying, in my most sarcastic manner…life was good. But then the “Like” button appeared. I am pretty certain it was not always there. But perhaps it was and people just did not use it. People in general, seemed to still be, in the age of interaction. They seemed to still get that interacting with the OP( Original Poster) was the way to establish communication and develop any kind of real relationship.

As time passed by, the “Like” button, become more and more the predominant form of communication. Someone would see something you posted, but instead of adding their own original thoughts on the subject, they would simply click the button and in return for that small effort, they received the same on a post or two of theirs. But for you, as I sure you are beginning to see, the communication, the interaction, was totally lost in the process. Because you cannot reply to a “Like”. You can only give what you have received. The “like” button completely eliminated the need for communication. The need and desire to interact became non-existent. The “Like” button was not building any relationships. It was destroying all the essential elements required in creating them. It was this simple little button, that I believe, was the beginning of Facebook’s fall from grace. Facebook no longer was a place to find and make new friends. As Facebook aged, and more and more people began to simply just click the button, real interaction and communication took a huge down turn and people began to lose their sense of connectedness, to this site. People began to notice that they were no longer making connections. For awhile, I and many others, sat in denial of the facts. We did not want to see what was really taking place. But everyone eventually has to face the truth. It does not matter how ugly or unpleasant it might be, there always comes the day of reckoning. The day when we are forced to accept the hard and often cruel truth. It seems, I was one of those who accepted it later, and held on longer than most.

As I went through my purge earlier this week, I could not help but notice the number of friends I was blocking that simply had left. No words were spoken to me, or perhaps I simply missed the memo. They had seen that Facebook was no longer a place to make friends or build any kind of relationship. I, being the stubborn person that I am, thought somehow I could change the mindset of my friends on Facebook and thusly, wrote a series of posts aimed at emphasizing the importance of feedback. I even threatened to block them and then followed through, when nothing changed. All this was in vain though. It changed nothing. I now have fewer friends(that for the most part were not really friends anyway) and still mostly, just get the same results.

If you ignore all the evidence that stands before you, then you are a fool. I do not consider myself a fool and thusly, have decided that my time with Facebook is over. It is a complete waste of my time to be there, when the only forms of communication and interaction I am going to be getting, are going to be likes, pokes, and a rare message. I am far too old and have way too many things I need to accomplish, with what little time I remain upon this planet, to be wasting any of it on a site that does not promote any real interaction amoungst it’s members. Sadly, my eyes have now opened, and I clearly see the time to leave has come.

To those of you who still wish to remain friends, I can only offer a list of websites you should subscribe to( to be informed when there is a new post) and my personal guarantee that I will be genuine in every communication between us, as I always have been. To those of you who desire to go our separate ways…goodbye, good luck, and may life grant you all you desire. Here is a list of the websites, I will still be keeping for sure(not making any guarantees on how long).-

https://twitter.com/JB_Thomas Twitter account, mostly used to link sites.
https://axewielderx.wordpress.com/  My main blog. Nearly everything gets put here. All of my jokes, funny pics, and even my music can be heard here.
http://www.youtube.com/user/Axewielderx My host for all my videos.
http://www.reverbnation.com/lucidchaos My host of EVERY song I have created over the last 11 yrs.
http://authorjbthomas.wordpress.com/ The ONLY site where any of my writings exist.
http://naturalwildlifedesigns.wordpress.com/ A site where eventually, all the pics I have taken will be hosted. A work in progress…

Over the course of the next few days, I will be removing content from my Facebook personal and Band pages. I won’t deactivate the personal account because I use it to login at certain sites. Then I will simply be gone.

It is funny, that it was the last thing I said in that email I spoke of earlier, that finally made me decide to do this. It was this…”After all, if we spend our life alone, what have we lived for.”




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4 responses to “Farewell Facebook.

  1. DocSpoon

    Well well… LOL I’m surprised that it took this long. Facebook is really just there to waste time. The only reason I even log in is to play some of the games on the site. I have no intention nor have I ever had any intention to use facebook as a viable form of communication exchange. Anyhoo, you have come a long way since Yahoo. Cheers, DocSpoon


  2. Well, believe it or not, in the early days of Facebook people DID actually communicate with each other. I often wondered why so many people complained when they added the “Like” button to the site. For awhile you saw daily posts of people complaining about that damn button. I never saw much use for Facebook games because flash always took so long to load there. Besides, I have always had gaming consoles in the home. A byproduct of having kids, I suppose.

    I guess maybe I should consider myself lucky that I received comments as long as I did. Then again maybe I would have left sooner, like so many others did. One last thing, what do you mean by yahoo? If you were thinking of our old group, that was on Msn Communities. Msn closed those like five yrs. ago. Thx for replying and it is so great to read something from an old friend. I hope life is treating you well. 🙂


  3. DocSpoon

    I have a few of those consoles around a a few PCs and tablets etc… but the games seemed to load ok for me. At least the ones I load and play. Mainly just time wasters, beats watching the paint dry. As to the group I thought it started on Yahoo and because of the censor mentality of yahoo moved the group to MSN, that is until they closed that down also.

    Anyway, I can’t complain. got my bumps and bruises of course but I’m still kicking. Sad to say Delly’s husband passed away and I haven’t talked/ chatted with her for many years now, but the last time I did she was a “little off” Probably due to meds and the stress she was under at the time.

    I have a wife and two kids now, the old barely running cars, a mortgage which of course we are underwater,.. but outside of that life is good. I did get a great job that I really like as a logistics analyist which is challenging and a great opportunity to interface with a lot of folks globally.

    How did things go for you after the schooling? I see you’ve continued to improve your web designs 🙂



  4. I could only play games at Facebook using Google chrome. There were certain features Chrome was missing at the time, so I only used it for Facebook, but even on chrome some of them(Ahem, Farmville) were exceptionally bad. The group was always at Msn. I also had a personal website at Yahoo, so perhaps that is what you may be thinking of. Delly never told me anything about it. Of course, she would have had to send a personal message to me. Having over 1k friends means you miss 99% of the posts, just too many to see and people begin to get lost in the noise. Delly was still posting away on Facebook when I left.

    The last of my kids, finally moved out of the house last month, so I am done with that. I have been dealing with health issues from my ablated Thyroid. So basically, I spend most of my time at home, while my wife works 2 jobs to pay the bills. My health is not stable enough for working outside of the home and we only have one vehicle anyway. So yeah, other than the 15k in debt, I am basically where I was at, back in the old days. Although a lot more writing and composing music has went on since those days. I have one published novel and one released CD, with another one coming out in the next few days. As the kids grew up, I found I had more and more free time, to commit to the things I wanted to do, before I got married. My grandfather, grandmother, father, and father-in-law have all since passed also, so I have been more motivated to get things done.

    As to the schooling, I am not sure what you might be referring to. I did all of my formal schooling before I got married. Other than a short course in HTML that I took online, everything else has been self taught. You know me and graphics. I have always been working on those. I have better equipment and software now though. But the real secret is I just use templates on my websites and then can spend my time creating the custom images I add to the site, instead of fussing with the damn code. WordPress.com has a lot of nice Free templates and when you combine that with my ability to create graphics that fit whatever color scheme I choose, it makes for a damn decent looking site. I still insist on only using graphics I make, so that I always have to try keep learning and growing in that area of my life.

    I feel, during the last 7 years, most of my growth has been in the writing and musical composition aspects, of my life. Although both have always been in my life, I have not had the equipment or time required to devote the attention that either of them needed. You should have a look around at some of the sites I listed in this post. Particularly the author website and my reverbnation(Music) page. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Glad to hear you finally got a job you like. I remember for years, you complaining about either no job, or not liking the current one. We have not had the wonderful pleasure of owning a house and thus have managed to avoid the delights of a mortgage. Enjoy them kids while you got them, the home starts to feel pretty lonesome when they are gone. Never thought I would say that but I guess the old adage “Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it” applies here. For years, I just wanted more time to do some of the things I wanted to do, but the kids consumed all my time. Now I got all the time in the world and I spend 90% of it alone with a cat. Speaking of time, I believe I have consumed enough of yours and I have things I must do today. It has been great catching up. Tc and please keep in touch.

    Axe aka JB aka Lestat


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