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With nearly 20k followers on Twitter, and over 3000 subs on various blogs and music sites, it is impossible for me to welcome each¬†person individually. Of course, I wish I could. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories! Until I find a way of cloning myself a few hundred times, this will have to do. ūüôā

A brief summary about myself. I have been writing since I was 12. I love the horror genre and that is what I read and write mostly.I also write fantasy and mystery. You can learn more about my writing just by surfing this site, if you so desire. I have been singing and playing guitar since I was 15. All of my music is FREE. (who actually sells music these days?) The music I create embodies Rock, Blues, Chill, EDM, and Downtempo. Give it a listen if you like.

I have only recently started doing photography, but I studied the craft very carefully before beginning, and spent the money required, to do it justice. I am unhealthy and trying to build a legacy, before I die from all of the health problems I have. Everything I create is with that in mind.

I currently live in a new RV in Texas, with my wife and a majikal cat named appropriately, Jinxy. If you want to learn more about me, or just seek something to discover, here is a complete list of all my websites- main photos site. You can buy prints, cards, iPhone cases, tote bags, towels, shower curtains, and much more with my best photos on them.– If you would like to license my photos for books, online ads, TV, or many other things, go here. -Main blog with jokes, funny pics and music.– This is where ALL of my writings are. Poetry, prose, short stories, Novel chapters, and more.– My amazon author page where you can buy both e-book and paperback versions of my books. There are more book links, in the My Books” section of this site. Goodreads profile.– My reverbnation website. All music here is in mp3 format only.– Any format, lossless or mp3, is here. For those who like the best sound!:)– I only put sneak peeks of music WIPs here. I don’t care for soundcloud’s limitations.– Various videos ranging from music videos to gaming casts.– It catches most of my posts from nearly every blog.– My twitter account where I do most of my daily posting.


I want to thank¬†each and¬†every¬†person who has followed, subbed, or become a fan. I hope you enjoy the ride you just climbed aboard, and tell your friends, before the train has left the station for good. Take care and feel free to contact me anytime. I will answer as time allows.¬†ūüė鬆¬†If you would like to connect on any of these sites, just send me your info via the contact page.



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Most popular funny Christmas pictures and animations

Seems as soon as Thanksgiving left us people began looking for the Christmas stuff and my blog stats seem to hold this up to be true. With that in mind, I thought I would save every visitor a little time and post what appear to be the top 4 links visited here that are about Christmas. Here they are in order of popularity:

Funny Christmas Pictures

Funny Christmas pictures 2

Funny Christmas Animation

Free Christmas Animations

While there are other posts about Christmas here, these are the ones most visited. If you want to see the other Christmas posts, just do a search for “Christmas” in the search box, on the top left side of this blog. I hope visitors find this helpful. Have a great holiday season and enjoy!

JB Thomas

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Snacks for Santa

Want to get what you want for Christmas? Go here to find out what you should do. It is rather funny!

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Free Christmas Animations(vol.#2)

Since my I last posted some Christmas animations I have gotten a few more. So I am posting them here and any future oes I recieve will be added to this post.








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Why don’t you just go elf yourself !

Bored? Well, here is a simple way to end that and create a original holiday greeting at the same time. Just go here. Have fun!


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