I hate My Xbox 360 !!!!

After waiting for a month to get another Xbox 360(see previous xbox 360 posts for more info), I received my new xbox 360. It is so great, it freezes on every game I play!!!!!

That’s right, I waited a month to get a Xbox 360 that freezes!!! This is my 3rd Xbox 360!!! to freeze up and it is the worse one. The two previous ones at least took a few months to start acting up!

I also discovered when I plugged the new one in, that all of my downloaded content only works on the profile that downloaded it. That means nobody else in the house can use any of the downloaded content.

I called Xbox support about this and was told that the downloaded content was associated with the console, not the hard drive. WTF? So I have to set up another new account to redownload all of the content. I do this and while I am on the phone with Xbox support the console freezes for the 1st time. The damn thing freezes after the 1st 30 mins of being on and while on the phone with Xbox 360 support!

So an hour later, they tell me someone will call me back in a few days and give me a code so that I can redownload all of my downloaded content.

A couple of days later someone does call back and instead of giving me a code to redowload all of my downloaded content, they start asking me a bunch of fucking questions that I already answered, when I was one the phone a couple of days earlier!! What the fuck is wrong with this picture? So I am a little irrate about this, no I did not cuss him out, although I should have. The bastard says he is going to put me on hold and then this little shit hangs up on me. Wanna know how I know he hung up on me? Because he did not call me back!

Then I find out later in the day that my kids played several games and they all froze!!! Now I am about as pissed of as humanly possible, no, if truth be known, I am beyond that. I have to call Fucking my xbox 360 support again and arrange for them to ship me another xbox 360. I have to delete the temporary profile from my console and I get to look forward to another month without my xbox 360.

And when I do finally get it back, I will have to create another temporary profile to redownload all of my downloaded content and the new xbox 360 will only have a 90 day warranty(yes that is something else I was told while I was on the phone with them)

I thought all new xbox 360s come with a year warranty. Apparently that does apply if you are an existing customer who has received numerous pieces of shit from them!

I conclusion, I hate Microsoft and the xbox 360. I will never buy another product from them. I can be treated like shit from my family and friends. I do not need it from a company that I give money to!



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42 responses to “I hate My Xbox 360 !!!!

  1. Peri

    I’m thinking about getting my daughter a Wii for her birthday in October. What are the chances that something like this will happen to me?


  2. I don’t own a Wii so I cannot really say. However, my past experience with all Nintendo products has always been great. We are still using our Gamecube we bought the year it came out.

    So I would say based on past experience with Nintendo, go for it. Just don’t swing the controllers too hard!!! 🙂



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  4. Ross

    dudes you should buy a ps3 it has a 10 year lifespawn compaired 2 the 360 6 months u may think the ps3 is a lot of cash but u think bout it really is it? no not when u have 2 buy all ur add ons for the 360 the ps3 has everything built in it is the real next gen the 360 is stuck in the last gen

    ps3 rocks


  5. Zaalbar

    I’m not suprised by your problems w/xbox 360. My experience w/the original xbox have been similar. Basically, what bill gates & microsoft are doing is the same thing the american car manufacturers did in the mid ’70s: making pieces of junk which parts break constantly & keep the parts manufacturers turning great profits, only to finally completely break down after a few years & force you to go out & buy another brand new peice of junk!! (And they figure you have no choice, theres nothin you can do about it because they have such a powerful share of the market!) Well we all know what happened. Consumers finally got fed up & started buying Japanese. This isnt going to stop until consumers stop complaining & start buying all ps3 or wii. Then when customers loyally stay w/the other consoles to the point microsoft struggles to move xboxes off the shelves, they’ll do what the american carmakers did. STOP MAKING PIECES OF CRAP! Hows this for a new marketing straregy: QUALITY.


  6. John

    We had a xbox360 for 7 months before the one red light bullshit. Sent it back to MS, still under warranty. No games for 30 days. (I’m 51, my son 14, we like the games) They return a replacement unit with an apology letter. The new unit has 3 red rings flashing!!! Am I crazy to keep this F#%KING THING?


  7. Dustin

    I bought my xbox a couple months ago and I got the 3 red lights and have been looking on their site for ever trying to figure out how to put in a request to get a box to send my xbox in. I would buy a ps3 but I have a couple hundred dollars in games and I bet I would get like $20 for my $70 games if I traded them in… but I might just have to do that and get a ps3.


  8. basscat8263

    I had trouble with my 360 freezing up for several months before it finally died. I was on the phone with those assholes at xbox support several times answering the same stupid questions. I finally convinced them that the POS did not work. they sent me a box and I got my new console back in about 10 days with a letter of apology. I was very impressed with the quick turnaround and the letter. then my hard drive broke. i sent it in and had pure hell getting a new one. those assholes in mcallen, tx service center can’t even speak english. they tell you the pat answers when you call to check on the status of your repair. i have never been so mad in my life. i hate microsoft, bill gates, and those assholes at the service center. my hard drive was not returned for about 12 weeks. 12 fucking WEEKS with no gaming!!! service center emp’s lied to me repeatedly about when i would get my new hard drive. i finally got my case moved up to high priority after a supervisor was allerted to my problem. it still took another 3 weeks to get it. i, too, will never buy another microsoft product if i can help it. i have a ps3. if a game i want is available for both systems i definitely choose the ps3 version. i wish i could get my money back for this POS 360. plus the playstation network is free. i come from the old school of pc gaming and refuse to pay for online play. it is just greedy for bill gates to charge for online gaming. again, i hate microsoft.


  9. sarah

    damn right its a shame to have to fight with people and have to pay top $ to do it. my money box now has no pic and no warrenty


  10. vito

    My kids have be xbox fans for years, at Christmas I thought I would surprise both of them with a PS3. They were absolutely freaked. They’ll never go back. They’re 14 and 18.


  11. Nicky G

    That’s unfortunate. My 360 broke but was replaced with a fully working model 3 weeks later. That was a year ago and nothings fucked up since then (touch wood). If PSN was better than Xbox live (which it isn’t) then I would have no reason to use my 360 but as it stands PSN sucks balls compared to Xlive so I’m stuck with it. Bought my PS3 6 months ago and the only game I felt was worth buying for it is MGS4, which btw, has a hell of a lot of server issues (or it did when I stopped playing it) and theres only 2000 players online max. Compare this to when I had call of duty 4 for my 360, there was a massive 300,000 players online. Thats just one fucking game. So I cannot abandon my 360, its just far too superior online. So what if you have to pay a minimal fee for Xlive (£40 for a years subscription is not a lot don’t be cheap), the service they’re obliged to provide for you is astronomically better that PSN.


  12. I have had absolutely no problems playing online with ps3. How many players can you play at once/ 300,000 0r 2000? Neither! So it does not matter how many are playing.It only matters if you can find games and play them which has always been the case.

    Choosing to judge online play based on only one game is simply ignorant.You cannot beat free no matter how you try!


  13. annonymous

    I sent in my xbox to get fixed … and i waited for about a moth, too. Then Purolator came to my door and dropped off my xbox 360 harddrive??? I didn’t get it. Do they send you the rest of your xbox afterwards?? or what!


  14. Ash

    Dude i dont think microsoft will care if one customer refuses to buy their products anymore.


  15. Dude, I am pretty sure America will not miss your vote either.


  16. Brewtis

    I agree with you Axe, I will not ever buy another x-box360 in my life, and if anyone ask me if they should buy one, I will tell them not to. I bought mine a little over a year ago and it worked good, it froze up on me a couple times (nothing like yours did) but it did get annoying sometimes, but I was otherwise happy with it…..untill the warranty ran out about a month ago, and now it just will not turn on, no flashing lights, and no red lights, no warning at all, just turned it off one day and thats it, done, wont turn back on. I called x-box about it and they told me some troubleshooting tips (that didnt help) and when those failed to work they told me my warranty ran out 3 weeks ago and it would cost me $120 just to ship it, and then their would be repair costs on top of that….i said i could go and buy a new 360 by the time i pay for repairs, she said that was my choice…lol…wow, thanks for the help x-box support lady. anyways i asked her if i could just take it somewhere local to have it repaired and she said it would void my warranty against the ring of death…wtf??? I have a 3 yr warranty against that, but they wont help me out with this….. and then i started geting upset with her because she was talking to me like i was some 14yr old kid who got my x-box for free or something….i ended up hanging up on her….so i think i will be going with a Playstation from now on….


  17. i got the xbox arcade because it was cheap and the ps3 was still like 500. plus at the time ps3 didnt have many games. ive almost since day 1 regretted the buy. movies always fucking up when discs look fine, issues connecting to computers that are directly connected to the piece of shit, cant play saved games from other profiles or from before i made a profile, had to be connected to the internet to watch avi videos even though they had me download a driver specifically for that, disc started making noises when i had a dvd playing in it (just today), games have been lagging and glitching out, etc. i wont overburden you with the issues. its just a piece of shit.
    so i’m happy that we finally spit out the money and got a ps3. so much better. i cant really say much bad about it. it seems like there was something…. i cant remmember.. i do like that i can connect to my comp and internet wirelessly with ps3. oh ya now i remember…. just that sometimes streaming videos from my comp slows down a bit. but that could be because i have shitty xp on my comp.
    i’m trying to convince my gf that she should sell her 360 now too but there are a couple ga,es that are only on 360 that will glitch out and become worthless so i guess that wont happen. i sold mine to her boss because her 360 broke and made almost all my money back. :-DF who says country people are worthless


  18. Brad

    I feel the same way. Just bought Assassins Creed 2. The literal SECOND day of having it and what happens? It fucking breaks! Why? not cuz I slammed it, or messed with the disc. No. Because my fucking brother walked up the stairs (calmly too), and the xbox grinded that mofo up like a blender. 70$ *gone*. Now I gotta mail off my game and wait for ubisoft to send me another one cuz microsoft said im shit outta luck. In that time I could just save up and buy another ac2! Fuck you, very much microsoft.


  19. Yep, My 6th xbox 360 broke and I am fed up with Microsoft bs. I sold all the games and when the new/fixed xbox shows up at my door, I will be trading it for credit to buy a ps3 game.Fuck Microsft!


  20. Bob

    I had the same thing happen. 6 Xbox 360s (all broke). Fortunately some were under warranty. I bought a Playstation after the last hunk of crap broke on me.


  21. I did not have backups,only one at a time. Sometimes I went for litterly months on end without playing anything because Microcrap would replace my bad one with a worse one. My son wanted it and so it is now his.


  22. How much of a friggin’ fool am I? I just bought a 360 elite… I like the games tho.


  23. Enjoy, the games while you can play them. You won’t be able to for long.


  24. david

    i fucking hate my xbox it overheats every 10 fucking minuit its shit !. i would to fart in bill gates mouth when he let it go on the shelfs even though it was falling apart allready


  25. Alex

    I am in a similar boat. I bought a second hand 360 – it broke, wouldn’t let me play disks because it read them as a DVD. So I took that back to the shop I bought it and they gave me a different second hand Xbox. That broke in the same way – so I took that back to the shop and am currently on my 3rd Xbox, which is the worst of them all!

    It now wont even read a disk AT ALL. It doesn’t even try – Xbox and Microsoft are the biggest failure EVER. They make terrible computers and terrible consoles I am sure that are designed to make people angry – how have they gotten away with this??! they have almost ruined the gaming industry from the times of Nintendo 64 and consoles which….. just worked!!

    The day of Xbox 360 was a horrible day for gaming!


  26. @ alex, I agree their xbox 360 is crap. However, I cannot say the same for their O/S. I have found Windows 7 to be very stable and easy to use.

    I think the problem with microsoft is that they get in a rush sometimes to keep profit margins up. This seems to be evident in the Xbox 360 and their Vista operating system.

    Since I sold my xbox 360 to my son, I have bought a Wii. The graphics are not overwhelming but the games are fun, if tiring( kinda of a workout). I have a ps3 console also and it has worked since day one without a hitch(knock on wood). I highly recommend either of those systems over the Xbox 360. Both are fun and maintenance free.:)


  27. Ricky Marvin

    Your a cool dude. Thanks for being honest about Windows 7 being stable, but Xbox 360 being a peice of shit. And it is. I’m on my fifth one now (and its friggin’ March 2010!), and its working great, finally!! However, everything this peice of shit “does” online, I can do online for free, on the PS3!! Or hell, my computer for that matter…or the Wii! What pisses me off is that while every other platform allows you to do the same shit as Xbox 360, for free, Microsoft wants to charge for! I can’t even listen to Last.fm for free on Xbox, when its a free service EVERYWHERE else! That is the whole point of the station! Anyway, thanks for being honest. 😉


  28. Have you noticed alot of people who do these reviews on various websites and/or blogs get paid or get the product free?

    Well, I sure as hell do not. I pay for everything I have posted about out of my own cash, 100%. So when I review something, you know I went out and bought it with cash the same as you.

    It is really the only way I believe anyone can give a 100% honest, unbiased opinion of something. Thx for noticing and commenting!



  29. ben

    I have been playing games for years. I’ve owned atari, PS1,PS2,NES,nintend 64, WII, and Dreamcast. I have never had any problems, had my PS2 for 4 years, I set it under an air conditioner once and it got filled with water, dried it and owned it for 2 more years. This Xbox I’ve had for 1.5 years and its been sent back for repairs 3 times, now I can play it but it freezes every 20 min. or so. PS3 people FUCK XBOX


  30. Dom

    Freak xbox dumb in the middle on a online madden 10 game then cuts of now I lose fire fucking Microsoft horrible I almost broke my dumb xbox man every body deserves a new free one that works


  31. I still play xbox though. (ENJOYING IT WHILE IT LASTS) My gamertag is XxMadRiverxX if anyone has test drive unlimited 1 and wants to join my car club :)

    Heres An Email I just Sent To Microsoft:


    What the fuck is wrong with you people! I dont see my 400 added microsoft points! I only see 50! How do I get my FUCKING POINTS!!! I want my points because I need to download a car package in Forza Motorsport 3! you guys are filthy rich ass holes who dont give a damn about anyone else but yourselves! FUCK YOU! How can I get my points back!!!!!!!! Do I get a gift card code or at least some thing? I paid you, now you pay me! (THE CUSTOMER) and that email didn’t help me at fuckin all! what the hell!


    And Here Is The Second Email:

    and you should know that your microsoft points are way fuckin over priced! Now I want to rub some thing in your face. Here it is.

    1. The Ps3 never had an over heating problem.

    2. The Xbox 360 did and got many players pissed.

    3. The Ps3 has a built in blu – ray player.

    4. The Xbox 360 does not.

    5. Ps3 players can play for free online.

    6. Xbox 360 players have to pay full price.

    7. Sony never had the RROD.

    8. Xbox 360 did.


    10. SONY YOU ROCK!!!


  32. dmad

    Maan i wish i’d have read this before i got my 360.

    Does anyone have the same problems with the elite as well? or is it only the pro & arcade?

    I think ima switch to ps3. it sucks bcuz im soo used to xbox controllers. and call of duty is awsome.


  33. Andrea

    Hello all,

    I’m currently here because I do have some hatred for Microsoft’s XBOX and its evil, swindling ways. My problem isn’t with the product itself, however; my XBOX is still alive and well, and has been since March of this year. It’s frozen up a few times, but I think the error is more on the discs themselves. I find that on L4D2, if you pour gas into the car while a character is healing you, the game will freeze, guaranteed. It’s not a big problem, just annoying. My real beef with XBOX is the horrible screeching noise that the disc reader makes when you play anything and the long and annoying updates, which seem to look worse and worse as you go. It’s ridiculous, really. Not to mention, everything costs far too damn much. It’s expensive to do anything on XBOX! I couldn’t believe that they were getting away with charging for online play. It’s horrible!

    Anyway, I have been an xbox fan for quite a long time and lived through the days when the thing was a disc eating machine. All in all, I love the system, despite its flaws, because of the games and the controller design. The xbox controllers make it seem like your hands are simply made for the purpose of clinging to that one controller and they feel very personal, unlike the clunky feeling I get from PS3 controllers, although I do like that console much better.

    As for the performance of my system, that’s most likely due to the fact that I have an elite system, so that’s probably why. It came in a bundle with Final Fantasy XIII, which in truth, is the only reason I wanted the system – because it was a bundle – cheap.

    I guess you get what you pay for, heh. We’ll see.


  34. dudeson

    I HATE THE XBOX 360!!!!!! THE PS3 IS BETTER.First of all you can go online for FREE and play with others for FREE without any Xbox LIVE GOLD shit!


  35. Austin

    I’m here the same reason everybody else is here I FUCKING HATE XBOX!!!!!
    It never works for me anymore i have had my xbox for a good 3 years no probleme but today call of duty black ops wont work half the time i cant play half the games i own online and its just the biggest piece of shit ever created bill gates can suck my dick!!!! i am now saving up to buy a ps3 and im happy about it cant wait to watch blue ray movies ! Most of my friends have an xbox ( untile it breakes of coures) and i will make fun of them for that i also have to apologize to my fellow ps3 lovers who i doubted all these years.


  36. Dakota

    … i thought xbox was fun and all. i loved it so much. But now… My xbox was retarded for the starting. From freezeing discs, cracking my discs, losing data, over heating all the time, lagging on all my games (not because of connection) and random red rings happening every 2 weeks. One time having to bring it to xbox. I said okay i can deal with these problems. But after a really hard week i finally get to play xbox and then it says console banned, you need to get a new one. Xbox just went over the line because i play the xbox fair and never did anything to my xbox. Why did xbox have to be a dick….


  37. Anonymous

    i was playing my game gta4 and it starts to make a funny noise so i take out the disk and its scratched i tried to play after that and it said disk cant be read my xbox its retarded ass


  38. Yeah, I think Microcrap is being sued or was sued for that type of crap going on. Do a little research and should be able to find out.


  39. fuckmicrosoft



  40. Sandra

    This is why Nintendo rules… you never have a problem with their products, and on the 1/10000000 chance you do they will fully replace your console if it’s under warranty WITHIN 2 WEEKS. my daughter had a problem with her DS Lite’s hinges, they were a little tight and cracked (it was a release date buy) and they replaced it FREE! And even If it’s not under warranty they’ll fix it within 2 weeks but it’ll cost you about $20… depending on the service of course.



  41. Anonymous

    My xbox takes hours to update a game and when I leave the room to long it says that my connection interrupted so it didn’t download. I restarted my router, turn my xbox on and off and still is a piece of shit when it come to updating games. Oh.. and my wifi isn’t shit, it’s pretty good so is it just my connection for some reason or is it the the shit Xbox?



  42. If you are using wifi to donwload a update for anything(Xbox,Ps3,Ipod,etc.)it will take longer. Obviously, a wired connection is always the best choice if at all possible. I cannot tell you which is at fault in your case, since I never experienced that exact problem.


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