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My 6th Xbox 360 has died!!!!!

Now waiting on a shipping label from them.I turned in on Friday and got only a E74 error screen.Found out after a little online research that this is a hardware failure covered by the the RROD error warranty. I had already looked into sueing them but never could find any lawyer with enough guts to do so. Something is really wrong with this world when a company can keep sending you non-working devices and never have to see a courtroom.

So now, I am seriously thinking about taking them to small claims court. Sick of  these things breaking over and over again. This really has passed the point of any amount of grace. Something simply has to be done now to try and recoup my family losses and move on.

See you in court Microsoft!



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Finally, got my 4TH xbox 360 back from Microsoft…it stopped reading game discs in less than 2 wks.

 I am so tired of getting faulty crap from Microsoft. Now I am searching for a Lawyer who is willing to sue Microsoft. I wasted many hours of frustration, along with my entire family on the xbox 360. If they keep sending you faulty 360’s, they are committing fraud and not really honoring their warranty.

Anyone know any great lawers? Drop me an email . Guess I will leave this post up top until I get some feedback. I would would really like to post some jokes and funny pictures but I need help with this matter much more.

(Still dealing with the Microsoft failure machine, the xbox 360. The story continues here, 2 yrs. later, as my 6th xbox 360 breaks down!!!)



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